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10 Most Surprising Benefits of Warehouse Distribution

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Apr 2, 2019 @ 20:04 PM

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We call our warehouse distribution your magical delivery service in Dallas, Texas. If you ever ordered anything from a major online retailer, you may be quite surprised when it arrives on the same day that you placed the order. These online companies know customers consider immediate delivery to be a real benefit. They also know that it is more cost-effective to have warehouses strategically placed closer to their customers.

Maybe you are not yet the size of one of these online retail behemoths; however, in the DFW market, you can be just as competitive by using the warehouse distribution services from Dallas Courier.

What to Expect from Dallas Courier Warehouse Distribution

The way this works is, you set up a logistics program and have us store your items in our 8,000 square foot warehouse. Then, when you need us to deliver something to your customers in DFW or the surrounding areas, you just let us know. You keep refilling the stock we have on hand as needed, and we take care of the rest.

Our warehouse is the perfect place to keep over-stocked items for inventory necessary at local retail stores. For online sales, we also provide the storing, picking, packing, and drop-shipping support you may need.

If you want us to pick up items and you are in our service area, we can do that for you on a regular or as-needed basis. If you need a long-distance delivery and/or pick up anywhere in the continental United States, we can handle that also. That is why we call this magic because we can pretty much take care of all of your warehousing and delivery needs. You can concentrate on making sales and we will take care of the deliveries.

We can also provide warehouse services for other things besides inventory, such as storing business records, equipment, and office supplies. Some of our clients use our warehouse services to hold those things that they buy in bulk at discounted prices or the treasures they score at wholesale auctions. This temporary storage is the solution needed until these items are sold.

The Many Benefits of Dallas Courier Warehouse Services

At Dallas Courier, we get positive feedback from our customers about the benefits of using our warehouse services. Some of the things we knew already when we started offering these services. Other benefits our clients told us about were pleasantly surprising. It is nice to hear about how our customers save money using our services, increase profits, and the other benefits they receive, including:

  • Logistics solutions that start immediately
  • The ability to increase or decrease storage needs in real-time
  • Getting a storage solution without being locked into a long-term warehouse rental contract
  • No security deposits needed for rental of storage space
  • Not being restricted by space in individual self-storage units that may be too much or too little for current needs. Our centralized warehouse service beats having multiple storage units scattered all over a self-storage facility
  • Ability to design a logistics program to serve customers that meet the specific customer services requirements
  • Optional delivery speeds based on delivery time parameters
  • Long-range pick up of goods in any part of Texas or any other state in the continental part of the United States
  • Having a reliable presence for rapid deliveries in Ft. Worth without needing to rent an office or warehouse
  • No need to hire extra staff

Dallas Courier Warehouse Services for Consolidated Shipping and Deliveries

Our company can receive shipments for our clients and then consolidate them to send them as a bulk shipment to their final destination at more cost-effective rates. For example, consolidation of smaller shipments together into a full container load for long distance shipping is a good way to lower the overall shipping costs of each item.

Warehouse Services for Seasonal Sales

Some businesses only operate during certain times of the year like around holidays or in the summer. When these businesses need warehouse services, they can get them from Dallas Courier- even if it’s just for the time when they are active in the DFW area and making sales. It is much more cost-effective to use our warehouse services for only the time necessary to make holiday sales if there is no need for warehousing during other times of the year.

Let our team at Dallas Courier solve all of your logistics problems in DFW and beyond. If you have any needs for warehouse storage, delivery, or logistics call, 972.680.0000 or use our online form to get a quote for our logistics and warehouse distribution services.