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Herb is the Word

Technology is great, isn’t it? Did you know that the smart phone you have on your person right now, the one that you’re reading this scheduled food deliveries blog on, has more computing power than all of the technology that was used to send Apollo 11 to the moon? We’ve come a long way!


Technology allows our customers to schedule their food deliveries for frequent or urgent orders throughout the state of Texas. It allows us to track our drivers, providing dispatchers with an accurate estimated time of arrival, or shooting them an alternate route to avoid construction or accident delays on Metroplex highways. Technology gives our potential clients a cool website to look at, as well as live chat with a customer service expert.


But tech isn’t always the answer. Shockingly, sometimes the answer is right under your feet. Sometimes, literally. The plants growing in the ground might have just as much power as the smart phone in your pocket. Not sure what we mean? Consider the benefits these herbs have on the human body, no processing or technology involved:

6 Cool Things You've Never Considered for a Refrigerated Delivery

If there’s one thing we know how to do here in North Texas, it’s keeping cool. After all, those sweltering summers can go from mild to miserable in matter of hours. With few escapes other than a backyard pool, staying cool is vital to our health and well-being.


Thankfully, our Dallas Courier team knows how to stay cool in more ways than one.


First, there’s the figurative “keep it cool”. When customers have urgent deliveries, some of which need to move within the hour, our Dallas Courier team is on call and ready to go at any moment. Sub- hour or 45 minute deliveries aren’t impossible, they’re probable and completely necessary for many customers, such as those moving medical specimens or food distribution orders. We keep it cool when the stress comes on thick- something we've been doing for over 35 years.

4 Reasons You Need Scheduled Delivery Transportation in Your Life

Things You Don’t Need: the monthly gym membership you never use, four can openers, that as-seen-on-tv baking pan that makes every brownie an edge brownie.


Things You Do Need: monthly income (aka, a J.O.B.), food, water, and air, Jesus (Amen, brother). Oh, and also a scheduled route courier. You need one of those, too.


You might not know it, yet, but scheduled delivery transportation just might be the thing your business is missing. Trust us. You need it! Here’s why you need a scheduled delivery team in your life:

How Does a Hot Shot Pharmaceutical Delivery Get Scheduled?

The hot shot pharmaceutical delivery service helps health care practitioners, pharmacies, and patients to solve their emergency and ongoing needs for pharmaceuticals. Patients who are homebound may run out of medication at odd times and need emergency assistance. They can call 972.680.8000 for a hot shot pharmaceutical delivery at any time, day or night.

Why the Final Mile is the Toughest

The wall. That’s what runners refer to as those final miles, usually in a marathon, where the body and brain begin to break down, causing completion to feel unattainable and failure to appear unavoidable.


This month, one of the most prestigious races in America will take place. The Boston Marathon kick off on April 15th.  This is not just any race. This is one of the oldest annual marathons in the world, having taken place since 1897. It used to be a local event, held in honor of the first Summer Olympics marathon in 1896. Now, though, this is one of the most well-known athletic events worldwide. Runners from all over the world come to Massachusetts each April to compete. But the journey to Boston is not an easy one.

Down On Your Luck? This Will Help

Do you feel lucky?


If your courier company is Dallas Courier, the answer should be “yes”! With dozens of services, combined to meet your unique needs, on call couriers, and a delivery region that stretches from coast to coast, you’re lucky to have one of the most capable and quality couriers that North Texas has to offer on your side.


Another reason why you should feel lucky? The hummingbird migration is coming soon to North Texas.

10 Most Surprising Benefits of Warehouse Distribution

We call our warehouse distribution your magical delivery service in Dallas, Texas. If you ever ordered anything from a major online retailer, you may be quite surprised when it arrives on the same day that you placed the order. These online companies know customers consider immediate delivery to be a real benefit. They also know that it is more cost-effective to have warehouses strategically placed closer to their customers.

Maybe you are not yet the size of one of these online retail behemoths; however, in the DFW market, you can be just as competitive by using the warehouse distribution services from Dallas Courier.

No Joke, These Services Are For Real

I never liked April Fool’s Day. The plastic wrap on the toilet seat. The empty gum wrappers all folded  to look full. Mixed up Skittles and M&Ms. Essentially April Fool’s Day is just an excuse to do terrible things…like mix chocolate with fruit flavored candy. Soulless!


Thankfully, not everyone delivers the tricks on April 1. Some folks, like our Dallas Courier straight truck delivery team, stick to delivering your time and temperature sensitive goods. Seriously.


We kid you not, these services from our Dallas Courier team will sound like a trick, but they’re for real!

Hit a Delivery Grand Slam with a DFW Route Courier

Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts…


Oh, sorry. We were just brushing up on our harmonizing skills since today is opening day for our Texas Rangers! We’re hoping for some big hits and fast runs, but not just for our Rangers, for our DFW route couriers, as well.


The thing is, with an experienced delivery team, your routine and scheduled deliveries are nothing short of a grand slam. Couriers make it easy to round all those bases and bring home a big win for your team, whether that’s by handling daily lab deliveries, food distribution routes, or routine manufacturing deliveries. Oh, and did we mention we do it all in uniform? While we won’t be wearing Ranger red, our blue polo shirts are clad with our Dallas Courier logo. You and your customers will never have to wonder who is picking up or dropping off your deliveries, and our team is easy to recognize by our daily uniform.


Just like our Dallas Couriers, the official start to baseball season is a pretty big deal. Ready to find out a little more about America’s favorite past time? Check this out:

Log It! The Importance of Keeping Track

Over the last several years, some major changes have come to the transportation world. One of the most impactful was the mandatory use of ELDs.


Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are now required for motor carriers and drivers who are required to maintain records of duty status. The legislation was created in order to keep the roads safer for commercial drivers and those operating personal vehicles. ELDs mean that drivers will spend less time filling out tedious paperwork, and, if their operations are ever questions by authorities, data files can easily be transferred to other parties.


ELDs are just another example of why keeping track is important.


But logging information isn’t just about remaining in compliance with regulatory standards. Though, our DFW trucking services providers would agree to the importance of doing so. Writing down information can have major impacts on your professional and personal life.


Consider these benefits to the “log it” approach: