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Can Anything Prepare You For Fall in Texas?

To borrow from one of our favorite Texas memes:


It’s fall in Texas! You know what that means…


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s still 90 degrees outside.


Here in Texas, we really only have two seasons. Winter and Summer. Oftentimes, we get to experience both in the same week! That means that even though we’re roasting our way through the first few weeks in October, by Halloween, we could be ice skating in our cul-de-sac. Hey. Stranger things have happened!


Texas could use a lesson or ten on temperature control from our Dallas refrigerated van deliveries team. They’re able to keep your cold, frozen, and ambient foods at just the right temperature for the entire ride within town, across city lines, or throughout the country. With state of the art technology, maintained vehicles, and competent couriers, controlling the temperature of your sensitive items has never been more achievable.

THESE Should be Your Top 3 Expectations of a STAT Medical Delivery

When it comes to STAT medical delivery, there is no room for error. Not only is time of the essence, but accuracy and safe delivery are also non-negotiables. So how do you ensure your courier service will make the grade when it comes to STAT medical deliveries? Start by ensuring your STAT courier meets these three expectations:

Get Ready for National Food Bank Week

The second full week in October is an important one, especially for those of us who make a living out of moving food, like our couriers who handle your food distribution deliveries in DFW. October 14-20th is National Food Bank Week.

How Did Medical Delivery Couriers Become Key Players in DFW Healthcare?

Here at Dallas Courier, we don’t want to brag, but we’re kind of a big deal. At least when it comes to the healthcare industry in DFW.


Before you think we’re just tooting our own horn (on our refrigerated box trucks), consider this: medical offices, labs, pharmacies, and hospitals all utilize medical delivery couriers daily. We’d say that makes our piece of the puzzle a significant one.

The Key to Effective Box Truck Delivery in Dallas

Are you wondering if box truck delivery in Dallas is right for your business? The unfortunate truth is many businesses in the greater Dallas area that should be utilizing box truck deliveries services are not. Whether they are attempting a DIY delivery strategy or relying on smaller delivery vehicle options, they haven’t made the jump and their bottom lines are suffering as a result.

This apprehension can cost dollars per delivery with unnecessary trips and added logistical expenses, not to mention time wasted. Making the move to an effective box truck delivery service is the key to growing successful business results.

With so much to gain, businesses must find and hire the best delivery option possible. Here is how you will know your business has made the right choice for effective box truck delivery in Dallas.

DFW Scheduled Delivery Couriers Help You Cash in at the State Fair

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well…maybe second most wonderful time of the year...at best.


Ok, it’s undoubtedly a great time of the year! It’s State Fair of Texas time! Running from now until October 22nd, the longest running state fair in our nation is on, and if you’re a true North Texan, you’re planning your visit. Which exhibits to visit, what rides to brave, and, of course, how to save some money in the process. Because the state fair is fun, but it ain’t cheap!


Saving money is a hot topic for everyone, including our DFW scheduled delivery couriers. As your number one delivery service in the Metroplex, we know that being wise with your resources is one of the most important considerations you take when selecting your transportation and logistics partner.

Pick Your Perfect Pumpkin at these DFW Pumpkin Patches

Say that five times fast.


Making decisions can be tough. Like when you have to choose between dry box truck delivery services in DFW. You have a load of items on pallets or in boxes, and you need your stuff moved quickly, but economically, within the Metroplex, or maybe outside state lines. Now that pretty much any Joe with a driver’s license can be a courier, you have quite the decision to make when you’re looking for the right team for your deliveries.

*Sigh* Some Things Never Get Old

Texas summer heat…in October.


Hearing Adele’s Hello…for the fifth time today.


The turkey sandwich you eat for lunch…every. Single. Day.


Some things get old. Another thing that gets old? Making your own scheduled box truck deliveries. Let’s say you have items, or pallets of items, even, that need to move every Monday and Friday at noon. Currently, you or someone else in your company moves these items, taking precious time away from the office, and spending it sitting in High Five traffic in Dallas.


You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that that kind of routine can get old. Fast.

6 New Reasons to Thank Your Courier

Being a 24/7 delivery courier isn’t exactly a thankless job. We have a lot of great customers who love telling us, and the rest of the world, about what a great job our couriers do for them with their scheduled and last minute deliveries.


What you might not know is that couriers do a whole lot around your community! Delivering your packages on time is just one of the many reasons you can thank a courier. Here are a few more reasons that you might never have considered to thank your courier:

5 Things that Won’t Happen with a Great Scheduled Delivery Courier

When you choose to do business with a sub-par scheduled delivery courier service, you might not even know what you’re getting into before your first delivery. Maybe the courier of your choice offered a lower price than the competitors. Or, perhaps they promised your items could move faster than the other guys.


The truth is, nobody wants cut rate service. But without a comparison, you might not even know what you’re missing. In order to make the most educated call on the right route courier for your business, take into consideration these 5 things that just won’t happen when you’re working with a 5 star courier.