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3 Top Safety Facts You Need to Know About Dallas Food Distribution

Dallas food distribution isn’t as simple as transporting many other types of goods. Medical products are probably the only cargo that’s trickier, and they face similar challenges. The Texas heat, traffic, lack of services capable of handling large loads and questionable handling all pose risks for your business.


Check out these 3 surprising safety facts to make the best choice when hiring a distribution service:

What Do President’s Day and DFW Warehousing Services Have in Common?

Here at Dallas Courier, we get compared to a lot of things.


You could compare us to other couriers across Dallas Fort Worth, albeit, we’d never come up short. You could compare us to superheroes, as we often swoop in and save the day with urgent delivery options for your most sensitive cargo. You could even compare us to family, as that is how we prefer to treat our clients.


But comparing us to a federal holiday such as President’s Day? That might be a stretch! Or, is it?


Our DFW warehousing services team might actually have more in common with this February day of honor than what might appear on the surface. Let’s explore.

Can Dallas Hot Shot Deliveries Change the Way You Do Business?

Dallas hot shot deliveries give your business a leg up by allowing you to work faster and more efficiently. Your clients will come to rely on your consistency, and you’ll enjoy higher levels of productivity as you focus your energy on tasks where you do the most good. Consider all of the opportunities your business will enjoy when you hire Dallas Courier for expedited courier services.

Special Delivery: It's National Pizza Day

Valentine’s Day might be a few days away, but, if you ask me, today is the day dedicated to true love. Today is National Pizza Day.


While the origins (of the greatest holiday since Christmas) are unknown, we do know where pizza itself originated. That’s right. Even though couriers now move it daily as part of frozen food distribution to some of your favorite restaurants and grocery stores, pizza has been around for thousands of years.

What Types of Services Can a Medical Courier Provide a DFW Hospital?

The Lone Star State has over 500 hospitals. Twenty-three of them rank on the US News list of best hospitals in America, and three of the top six ranked hospitals in the state are right here in Dallas.


That means we have quite the reputation to uphold here in the Metroplex.


We also have over 6.8 million people living in the Dallas Fort Worth Arlington area. That’s a lot of potential patients! With such a wide service area, so many different healthcare providers, and millions of folks receiving services from the healthcare industry, it would make sense that many healthcare providers turn to a third party logistics provider like Dallas Courier in order to get the job done.


But what, exactly, is “the job”? What kinds of services can a medical courier offer a DFW hospital? We’re glad you asked!

3 Things Doctors Will Tell You about Organ Delivery in Dallas

Organ delivery in Dallas is one of those services that must be 100% each and every time. It’s literally a life or death situation impacting medical careers and the healthcare industry as well as patients and families. While it would be nice to hire only super heroes for the job of organ delivery, there are mere humans in the DFW area who know what it takes to keep the organs safe and secure from Point A to Point B.


If you are wondering what to expect from Dallas organ delivery and wondering where to turn to get the top medical courier services for these deliveries, it makes sense to get advice from local doctors who know what’s up with this specialized courier service.


Here are three things doctors will tell you about the process of organ delivery in Dallas Fort Worth:

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Wow 'Em With Trivia

For us Dallas Cowboys fans, the dream is over. We had high hopes for the 2019 Super Bowl, but, alas, a championship was just not in the cards for our beloved ‘boys. If you’re new to the DFW area, it might shock you to see so many Cowboys fans so hopeful, given the last decade of performances from America’s team. But, for those like our Dallas Courier team, we remember the glory days.


Dallas Courier has been providing van and truck services in DFW for over 35 years. We were here to watch the Cowboys win their way to conference and division championships, and even the Super Bowl in ’93, ’94, and ’96. Yes, those were the good days! For the Cowboys…Dallas Courier is still having good days. We offer more services, faster deliveries, and more sophisticated technology than ever before! You could say we’re delivery champions year after year. Which is more than we can say for our beloved Cowboys.


But like any good Texan, we’re still pulling for them. Which means in the Super Bowl on February 3rd, we will be watching, but we won’t have any fun! (Ok, maybe a little fun.) Here to make it a little more bearable are some fun Super Bowl facts from years past:

Why a Dallas Healthcare Delivery Service Isn’t Just about Lab Work

Trying to learn more about the benefits of a Dallas healthcare delivery service? The truth is healthcare businesses are constantly evolving to meet customer needs. If you think healthcare delivery services are limited to lab work, think again. Read on to learn more about the healthcare delivery options guaranteed to make your Dallas-area business (and healthcare businesses anywhere for that matter) thrive.

Couriers Keep Your Valentine's Day Sweet

It’s true. Valentine’s Day might be the most commercially upgraded holiday in the United States, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Especially for your lady. Even if you agree as a couple that Valentine’s Day is overrated, and a waste of money, and grossly commercialized, take the advice of our cool, calm, and collected refrigerated delivery couriers, and get her something.


See, thanks to delivery experts like our Dallas Courier team, Valentine’s Day is easier than ever. We have our hands in all things Valentine’s Day. These popular seasonal items are made available to you Love Birds, courtesy of a great courier:

Are You Making the Most of Your Storage Space?

 With a region of over 7.4 million people, and growing, Dallas Fort Worth can get a little crowded. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been on the High Five during rush hour, or stuck paying to park on the North Dallas Tollway at any given point on the weekend.


Space is a commodity around these parts. Especially storage space.


Thankfully, you have someone on your side. Well, chances are with over 7 million people, there will be someone on either side of you, as well as in front of you and behind you. But what we mean is that you have a team in your corner when it comes to warehousing and fulfillment, as well as short and long term storage.