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The One Question You Should Be Asking Your Potential Courier

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, May 14, 2019 @ 21:05 PM

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As couriers in DFW, we get asked a lot of questions.


Can you deliver large items? Yes.

Will you pick up my delivery on a weekend? Yes.

Do you offer temperature controlled vehicles? Yes.


While these are important pieces of information to glean from your potential couriers, there is one question that you might fail to ask, but it could make all the difference. As you seek out a transportation and logistics team to move your time and temperature sensitive goods throughout the Metroplex and outside of the state of Texas, the major question that you should be asking your courier of choice is this:


Is Your Courier Properly Insured?


It sounds a little personal, doesn’t it? Maybe off topic? The truth is, though, if your courier isn’t properly insured with high quality policies and high quality insurance carriers, you don’t want their services.


In a day where everyone with two feet (or even no feet) can be classified as a courier, customers have to be careful in who they choose to carry their goods. Ours is a culture of convenience. Many folks don’t stop to consider their courier’s coverages as long as the courier can move their items quickly and cheaply. To follow suit would be a huge mistake.


Couriers like us carry all types of cargo, all over the state, in many different kinds of vehicles. We’re often entering buildings, storing items in our warehouse, and hand-delivering goods to their final destination as part of our final mile services. Each one of these actions requires a different type of insurance. If your courier isn’t fully insured, when the unexpected happens, you could be on the hook.


Consider the following instances where different types of coverages are required:


Scenario 1: Your courier is traveling in a 26 foot straight truck on the North Dallas Tollway going south (because, here in the Metroplex, that’s a “thing”), when another driver enters the truck’s lane and promptly slams on his brakes. An accident occurs.


Scenario 2: Your temperature sensitive cargo is moving at a fine temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit when the refrigerated van breaks down. Your cargo warms quickly, and is now rendered unusable upon delivery.


Scenario 3: As your courier is unloading boxes onto a sidewalk in Downtown, a jogger who is on the same sidewalk does not see your boxes and trips over them.


Each of these is a worst case scenario. Here at Dallas Courier, we hire and train our drivers well, as to prevent such instances from occurring. But sometimes the unthinkable happens. If your courier isn’t covered in the following ways, the results can be catastrophic for your organization:


  • Auto Liability Insurance- covers bodily injury or property damage to others during the operation of our vehicles
  • Lost or damaged goods- covers the shipment’s value in case of loss or damage
  • Crime – covers if a courier takes inappropriate action with client’s goods
  • Employee injury- covers work related illness or injuries that occur to employees on the job
  • General liability- protects from 3rd party claims for property damage or personal injury that occurs beyond the operation of our vehicles (like that unwary jogger)


As a great courier in DFW, Dallas Courier carries a full suite of insurance coverage with A rated insurance companies for your protection and confidence. When you hire Dallas Courier to complete a job, no matter how big or small, you can rest easy knowing the task will be completed with a 98% on time rate. If the unexpected does occur, though, you can also rest easy knowing our couriers are properly insured and able to protect the value of your goods. Peace of mind, all around.


Here at Dallas Courier, we understand the importance of your confidence in our company. That’s why we keep honesty and integrity at the forefront of every action. We prepare and plan for the best, yet, if the worst occurs, we broadly covered with our policies. You can trust that your items are in great hands with Dallas Courier, no matter what the scenario.


If your current courier can’t offer that type of peace of mind, it’s time to move on. Dallas Courier is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deliver everything from parcels to pallets. With the right driver, the right vehicle, and the right coverage, Dallas Courier is your confident choice for couriers in DFW.