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Season of Thanks Series: How to Be a Great Guest

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, Nov 9, 2018 @ 16:11 PM

Dallas Courier, Dallas Dry Box Truck DeliveryAs we race into the holiday season, you’ll find our couriers moving faster than ever as they make your urgent and scheduled dry box truck delivery orders throughout the Metroplex and outside of the state of Texas, reaching customers on time and easing transportation woes.


When the year comes to a close, the transportation and logistics industry speeds up, in an attempt to make every Thanksgiving gathering, Hanukkah feast, and Christmas morning a success. From food deliveries to pharmaceuticals, electronics to fresh cut Christmas trees, couriers move a variety of items using a number of specialized vehicles, both dry and refrigerated, to get the job done.


If you need a little more info on how couriers can make your holiday season a whole lot easier, contact our team of experts. Day or night, a member of our team is available to make your call and get your delivery scheduled.


But the holiday season isn’t all about deliveries.  Which is why every Friday in November, we’re going to bring you a piece of Thanksgiving food for thought. Today, we’ll start with some information you might want to pass along to your adult children returning home for the holidays, or your in-laws who are flying in from Snowbirdsville and staying for three weeks.


Today, we’re tackling the topic: how to be a great guest.


While wedding etiquette is a well-established manual, etiquette for the behavior of house guests is often complained about, but rarely discussed before the problems occur. Not today! Our Dallas dry box truck delivery team is laying out four rules for being an awesome guest this holiday season:


  • Rule #1: Don’t arrive empty handed- Whether you’re staying for the day or staying for the week, bring something to your host. Ask what you can contribute to the meal, but also consider bringing a small token of thanks: a bottle of wine, a nice kitchen towel, or a flower centerpiece.
  • Rule #2: Put down the phone- During the holiday season, be present. Save for the occasional family photo, leave your phone tucked away. You'll never be sorry you took full advantage of some quality time with your loved ones.
  • Rule #3: Share nicely- The space that your host has set aside for you (though it might be small) should remain clean and orderly during your stay. Be conscious of things like not hogging the hot water, making your bed daily, and keeping the bathroom presentable whether it’s going to be shared with others or not.
  • Rule #4: Fake it til you make it- Holidays can be stressful. And sometimes they aren’t fun. And sometimes there are people there who you don’t quite get along with. During the holidays, your job as a guest is to at the very least appear to be having a great time. Who knows? You might convince yourself that you actually are having a great time.
  • Rule #5: Read the room at bedtime- If your host has small children, or are just the “early to bed” type, hit the sack early. Always pack along a tablet or reading material- something you can do quietly in your guest room that won’t keep the rest of the house awake.


If you’re getting prepped to be someone’s house guest this holiday season, don’t forget these five simple rules. Your host will be thankful, and your stay will be happier.


What else can make your holiday happier? Handing over those mundane scheduled deliveries or those urgent transportation needs. A professional courier is equipped to handle all types transportation and logistics issues. From warehousing to refrigerated truckloads, a courier might be just as important as Santa this holiday season.


No need to wait until the stress hits. Contact your Dallas Courier team today to see what we can do for your business.