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Check THESE Items Off Your To Do List When You Hire a Courier

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Dec 4, 2018 @ 21:12 PM

Dallas Courier, Dallas Transportation ServicesAs we steamroll towards the end of 2018, the days grow shorter and our To Do lists become longer and far more exhausting. Wouldn’t you like to just throw a big check mark through some of those most daunting tasks?


While our Dallas Courier team can’t exactly help you recreate your grandma’s favorite sugar cookie recipe or put lights on your rooftops, we can assist with your Dallas transportation services. Believe us when we say that checking these items off your To Do list will make you feel like it’s the most wonderful time of the year:

Finding storage space for seasonal or overstock items: Sure. You could rent a storage unit. You’ll pay an exorbitant fee, and hope it’s in a good part of town, and abide by the opening and closing hours of the company, wondering the whole time if your stuff will be there the next time you go back for it. Or. You could hire a courier. One like Dallas Courier, that has ample storage space in a safe and centralized warehouse location in the heart of the Metroplex. One that has 24 hour access for clients, but remains completely secure from all others. It’s your choice, but we know which one we’d choose.


Locking down your daily delivery route: Daily deliveries can be mundane and quite frustrating when they require you to move across the Metroplex in construction or rush hour traffic. But scheduled route couriers like Dallas Courier know the ins and outs of Metroplex highways and streets. We can ensure your items move on time, every time, and you’ll never have to worry or wonder if your daily or weekly route will be completed as requested. With just one phone call, you can have your scheduled routes locked down from now until you say so.


Acquiring last minute transportation for an urgent delivery: Nobody plans for a delivery emergency, but when you already have your courier in your back pocket, you’ve already done the hard work in regards to last minute deliveries. Dallas Courier offers 24/7 availability for all of our services. When you call, no matter what time it is, you’re treated to a live member of our team. Even if you don’t need urgent transportation now, knowing you can count on a 24/7 urgent courier gives you the peace of mind you can carry with you when a transportation emergency arises.


Purchasing fleet, licensing, and certifying employees: Cross this unnecessary task off your list! When you work with a professional courier like Dallas Courier, you gain access to a variety of fleet, including dry and temperature controlled straight trucks, as well as the certified and licensed drivers that operate these vehicles. Forget shelling out the extra resources and time to build and maintain your own fleet and operators. Save yourself the money and the hassle by hiring out your logistical processes to a professional courier team.


Winning back your free time: Chances are this wasn’t even an item on your original To Do list, but go ahead and write it down…now cross it off! With a partner like Dallas Courier, you will find yourself with all sorts of time on your hands to get back to your core competencies and what you do best as a business. Finding free time? Check!



As 2018 comes to a close, there’s no doubt your To Do list is growing by the minute! Thankfully, you have an excellent resource to assist you in checking off these tasks. Dallas Courier has been in the transportation and logistics business for over three decades. We have the experience and professionalism needed to assist you in completing that growing To Do list this holiday season. Contact us today!