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Don’t be Fooled by These Courier Slights of Hand

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Feb 26, 2019 @ 07:02 AM

Dallas Courier, DFW Delivery CourierHave you ever seen a magician on TV or in person? It’s great, isn’t it! The show is filled with “oohhs!” and “ahhhs!” as you watch someone make something disappear, or make you believe something is there that really isn’t.


Unfortunately, if those events were to occur with, say your DFW delivery courier, they wouldn’t be met with the same wonder and excitement. Because when your courier does a slight of hand trick or makes something disappear, like your money or an entire cargo load of frozen seafood, it isn’t a fun experience.


As you make the tough choice of finding just the right courier to meet your transportation and logistics needs in DFW, don’t be fooled by these often-used tricks of the trade. Because when it comes to those other transportation providers, everything isn’t always as it seems:


On demand delivery

A courier who claims to offer on demand delivery should be able to give you a specific timeframe for your service. Dallas Courier’s on demand options range from more economical same day deliveries, often moved in about 4 hours, or the super rush 45 minute delivery, reserved for ultra-important items moving within the city. Don’t be fooled by the courier that offers “on demand”, but can’t give you a truthful delivery time.


Temperature control

Temperature control might just mean that your courier has the AC on while they make the drive across DFW. A true refrigerated delivery team offers strict temperature control, with the ability to control the air to your desire temperature within a degree or two. A great courier can even offer dual and tri-temperature control for everything from ambient, refrigerated, and frozen.


Critical long distance deliveries

Does your courier offer long distance deliveries? Maybe, but can they promise that those items will travel the distance without ever being handed off to a third party or consolidated to make a full truckload? Get the specifics about the travel plans for your long distance goods. Here at Dallas Courier, critical distance items move quickly, without ever stopping for consolidation or being passed off to a third party. It’s one of the best ways to provide quality assurance for our customers.


Tracking options

A delivery team that says they offer tracking options might leave you with one message saying your item was picked up, and another saying it was dropped off. But what about all that time in-between? A courier committed to technology has the ability to tell you where your items are at any point in the delivery process. They can offer photo proof of your items’ location and status upon delivery. They can also provide signature capture and time stamped proof of delivery.


24/7 availability

Your courier might claim to maintain 24/7 operations, but how easy are they to reach when you need them in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend? Endless phone trees, monotonous voicemails, or, worse, a busy signal are all signs your courier isn’t operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like our Dallas Courier team does. With DC, you’re treated to a live member of our team no matter when you need us. We’re also able to get your items moving at all times of night or day, thanks to a variety of well-maintained fleet and a group of committed drivers and dispatchers.


If your current delivery team gives you a little more “prestige” than “professionalism” it might be time to let someone else take over the show.


Dallas Courier has been providing quality service with integrity and honesty for over 35 years. We’re committed to serving the Metroplex well by sticking to our core values with each and every delivery that comes our way. We offer a variety of services, executed by trained professionals, for competitive prices.


Ready to find out more? No need to bother with abracadabra. Just head here to our website and contact us today.