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DFW Healthcare Couriers Keep You Healthy in 2019

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sun, Jan 6, 2019 @ 21:01 PM

Dallas Courier, DFW Healthcare CouriersEven if you didn’t make a formal New Year’s resolution, chances are you’re making small changes to make 2019 a healthy year for you and your family. High five, friend! You’re doing something great!


Want to know another little something great? Your friendly Dallas Courier team can assist you in making 2019 a healthy New Year. In case you didn’t know, couriers are good for a whole lot more than just delivering packages.  (Though, we do that very, very well!)


How can a healthcare supply courier deliver a happy, healthy New Year? Read on.


DFW healthcare couriers move labs and specimens to and from your healthcare provider.

When your doctor orders labs for routine or urgent health checks, a medical delivery courier is in charge of transporting those specimens safely to the lab. Then, the results are transported safely back to your healthcare provider. This fast exchange of information means you get the feedback regarding your health quickly, getting you on track for a health-driven new year.


Trained couriers move patient records while maintaining privacy.

Speaking of those lab results, only a professional trained in HIPAA standards can safely move such information. Maintaining patient privacy when it comes to specimens and information is mandated for healthcare professionals, which means they seek out healthcare couriers that are knowledgeable and compliant with HIPAA standards. Couriers like Dallas Courier can ensure that patients’ information is kept secure during the entire duration of transport.


Using refrigerated vehicles, couriers transport vaccines and prescriptions.

Personal health also involves remaining up to date on immunizations and staying on top of all prescribed medications. Thankfully, a healthcare courier that offers routine deliveries keeps pharmacies and healthcare providers fully stocked with the proper medications and vaccinations. These drugs often require special handling, including strict temperature control to ensure their potency and efficacy. Couriers have that covered, as well, with refrigerated vans and straight trucks that offer exact temperature control.


Couriers use routes to stock retailers with healthy prepared foods and fresh produce.

Healthcare couriers keep you healthy and well, sure, but food distribution couriers have a hand in your health, as well. Food couriers move your favorite fresh and prepared foods from farms and manufacturers to your local retailers. Using delivery routes and temperature controlled vehicles, a food distribution courier makes it easy to eat healthy in 2019.


Stress less and get back to what you do best.

Best of all, couriers help make 2019 happy and healthy by reducing the stress that comes along with managing your own transportation and logistics operations. Your mental health is a vital part to making 2019 a healthy new year. Letting go of the extraneous tasks of packing, shipping, and storing means you have more time to get back to your core competencies. You have time to focus on what you do best, while reaping the benefits of an expertly managed logistics supply chain.


If you’re looking for assistance in making 2019 a happy and healthy new year, our courier team is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist. Contact us here on our website, or call us today at 972.680.8000. It’s never too late to make a commitment to your health, and couriers are here to make it happen!