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Log It! The Importance of Keeping Track

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Mar 27, 2019 @ 16:03 PM

Dallas Courier, DFW Trucking ServicesOver the last several years, some major changes have come to the transportation world. One of the most impactful was the mandatory use of ELDs.


Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are now required for motor carriers and drivers who are required to maintain records of duty status. The legislation was created in order to keep the roads safer for commercial drivers and those operating personal vehicles. ELDs mean that drivers will spend less time filling out tedious paperwork, and, if their operations are ever questions by authorities, data files can easily be transferred to other parties.


ELDs are just another example of why keeping track is important.


But logging information isn’t just about remaining in compliance with regulatory standards. Though, our DFW trucking services providers would agree to the importance of doing so. Writing down information can have major impacts on your professional and personal life.


Consider these benefits to the “log it” approach:


Commit it to memory- Learning and remembering are not the same thing. Just because you sat through a two hour training session on the job doesn’t mean you’ll remember it. But writing it down helps commit the information to memory. Neuroscientists call this encoding. This is when the things we perceive travel to our hippocampus, which can then move to long term memory storage. Studies show your memory improves by about 23% when you log it.


Clarify goals- Having personal or professional goals is great, but writing them down is even better. Writing them down allows you to view and evaluate your desires. This can help you hone in on what you want and how to get there. Logging your goals helps you revise and devise a plan of action to lead to greater success.


Improve mental health- The impact stress has on your physical and mental health is astounding. In fact, according to the American Medical Association, stress is the cause of 60% of human illness and disease. Writing down information can actually reduce stress, thereby reducing your medical woes. Putting your emotions into writing helps you process and release them. Think of it like a cheaper form of therapy.


Release your creative flow- Writing down information frees up your mental space. Writing down thoughts, tasks, and emotions gives your brain some breathing room to complete other tasks- like finding solutions to problems at the workplace or coming up with unique ways to better serve customers. Logging some information gives you the mental space to get creative.


Celebrate achievement- Keeping track of information allows you to look back at your successes and celebrate them! Whether it’s with a simple line through a To Do list, or it’s a celebration for meeting a goal, writing down information gives you something to refer back to and rejoice in the process that led to completion. Celebrations don’t have to be large, and any achievement is worth a little joy.


Dallas Courier keeps all kinds of records, from manifests to special requests made by repeat customers, to delivery routes. Logging information and keeping track of information is vital to serving our customers well and staying in compliance with rules and regulations that guide our industry.


Have you had a great Dallas Courier experience? Did we handle your DFW trucking service with excellence? Log it! 

Complete a customer review, or send us an email letting us know how we can serve you better. Committing to it in writing helps us clarify our goals and celebrate our achievements as your number one courier in the DFW Metroplex.


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