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Challenge: Accepted!

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, May 1, 2019 @ 17:05 PM

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Every organization has delivery challenges that arise at some point or another. Some industries, like healthcare or food distribution have more frequent delivery challenges.


Let’s say, for example, you operate a very popular fast food chain that sells chicken. Lots and lots of chicken. And the freezer at one of your Downtown Dallas locations breaks. You have to move a lot of chicken in a little amount of time. How do you handle that challenge?


Or, perhaps, you’re in the healthcare industry, and you’re looking for a courier to transport pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to locations throughout the Metroplex. The only catch: you don’t even live in the United States. Who can you call to manage that challenge?


It can be difficult to find an experienced Dallas courier who is willing to rise to the occasion, no matter what that occasion might bring. It’s also important to remember that what might seem like an insurmountable challenge to your organization is just a regular Tuesday for an experienced Dallas courier! The truth is, both of these situations have been presented to our Dallas Courier team in just the last several months. And these challenges, and more, have been managed by our expert team of professionals.


Solving transportation and logistics issues is what we do. It’s our livelihood, and it has been for over 35 years. The best part about allowing Dallas Courier to manage your delivery needs is that you can take advantage of our experience, let us do what we do best and get back to what you do best.


Here are some of the top T&L challenges, and the recommended services to tackle them:


Cargo truck breakdown- Let’s say you went with a different courier to transport your bulk items. Let’s say that courier didn’t do a fabulous job of maintaining their vehicles (I mean, they were the lowest bidder!), and their vehicle breaks down. Your customers are still waiting for their goods, which means you’ll need a new truck to move those items quickly. A courier with a hot shot trucking option can manage that challenge.


Dangerous or hazardous chemicals that need transport- Labs, healthcare providers, and manufacturing plants are all organizations that often require the transportation of dangerous materials. A HazMat trained courier has the skill and means to move items like these. We aren’t scared!


Long term storage of large items- The elephant in the room, maybe literal, takes up a lot of space. You can start to feel cramped. All your seasonal product, or even pallets of furniture that are waiting for the opening of a new location can quickly fill your office storage space, and it can be costly to pay for your own storage unit off site. That would be challenging…for someone other than Dallas Courier. With a centrally located warehouse and both short and long term storage options, including pick, pack, and ship services, space is no challenge for us.

Time consuming final mile deliveries- You love the look on your customers’ faces when you deliver their product to them. We get it. But when your customers work on the top floor of a high rise that’s located in the heart of Downtown, or when your customers live in the ‘burbs in gated communities requiring prior authorization for deliveries, those final miles can be time consuming and frustrating. In other words- the final mile is challenging! But Dallas Courier’s final mile services can take care of that for you. Commercial and residential white glove services make it even easier for your customers, which means happy clients and repeat business. Your next challenge will be handling all the increased requests for service!


Do you have a difficult transportation and logistics issue? Our experienced Dallas Courier team is here to accept the challenge! Contact us any time of day or night, fill us in, and let’s come up with a solution together to tackle your greatest delivery concerns.