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Why the Final Mile is the Toughest

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, Apr 12, 2019 @ 21:04 PM

Dallas Courier, Final Mile DeliveryThe wall. That’s what runners refer to as those final miles, usually in a marathon, where the body and brain begin to break down, causing completion to feel unattainable and failure to appear unavoidable.


This month, one of the most prestigious races in America will take place. The Boston Marathon kick off on April 15th.  This is not just any race. This is one of the oldest annual marathons in the world, having taken place since 1897. It used to be a local event, held in honor of the first Summer Olympics marathon in 1896. Now, though, this is one of the most well-known athletic events worldwide. Runners from all over the world come to Massachusetts each April to compete. But the journey to Boston is not an easy one.


In order to run in the Boston Marathon, competitors must meet or beat qualifying times in a Boston-approved marathon within the last year and a half. But that doesn’t even guarantee a spot in the race. Runners and their qualifying times are racked and stacked, taking only the top runners from each age group and gender category. The result: 30,000 of the most qualified, best-of-the-best runners compete in the Boston Marathon.


To say that this group is elite would be an understatement. These are some of the most prepared, strongest runners that the world has to offer. Yet, even they aren’t immune to the effects of running 26.2 miles surrounded by fierce competition. Each year, around 20% of Boston Marathon runners hit “the wall”.


Mile 20 of the Boston Marathon coincides with what many have dubbed “Heartbreak Hill”. This steep incline, though only a 91 foot climb, is the demise of many runners. Nearly 6,000 Boston Marathon runners hit the wall, slowing their average speed by over 30%. And many of them face that wall right at Heartbreak Hill.  One of the biggest determining factors for how a runner ends the race, ironically, depends on how they begin. Those who are conservative, true to their practice times, and resist the urge to come on too strong in the beginning are less likely to hit the wall and more likely to finish with great success. 


Have you ever hit a delivery wall? For example, does your business operate on the top floor of a building in downtown Dallas, where parking is like a scene from The Hunger Games or an opening episode of the Bachelor? ("Can I steal you away for just a second?")  Or, perhaps, your customers require delivery to their doors, in residential areas that are way outside the delivery path of one another, making it difficult and inconvenient to fulfill.


These delivery walls are in regards to the final mile of your transportation. Sometimes literal, but often figurative, the final mile is the last leg on the delivery process, where items are placed into the waiting hands of customers. These final miles, as they are for a marathon runner, are difficult to complete, require a little extra “oomph”, and are often where disaster lies.


The final mile is widely considered the most important part of the delivery process, so why would you leave it to just any amateur? Just like you’d never send an inexperienced runner out onto a marathon course, you would never want to leave your important deliveries to an inexperienced courier.


Dallas Courier offers 35 years of experience in final mile deliveries. We also have experience in handling sensitive deliveries. Our couriers are trained in OSHA, HIPAA, HazMat, and other specialty transportation. Don’t run a race you aren’t prepared for. Let Dallas Courier’s experts complete those final miles for you. Contact us today.