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The Only Thing Worse Than a Frozen Turkey on Thanksgiving Morning

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sun, Nov 11, 2018 @ 21:11 PM

Dallas Courier, Food Distribution Route CouriersThanksgiving traffic delaying your favorite Aunt and Uncle? Bad.


Stores opening on Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday sales? Bad.


Realizing you forgot to thaw the turkey? Really bad.


Not that our food distribution route couriers want to focus on the bad, but, unfortunately, it can get worse.


You could be serving up your turkey dinner with a side of salmonella.


As our food distribution route couriers know well, food safety is a 24/7/365 concern. It’s why we’re committed to hiring and training the best food couriers, adhering to all federal and local food transport standards, and maintaining our vehicles to keep your temperature sensitive foods at just the right temperature, whether they’re going 4 miles away or 400 miles away.


Food safety is the key to our delivery success, and it’s one of the most important safety points to consider this holiday season. This time of year, we’re frequently gathering together, sharing dishes, transporting food, setting it out buffet-style, and inviting bacteria to come and join us in our feast. (And you thought you didn’t want your Great Aunt Edna joining your dinner plans!)


So how can you enjoy your turkey and dressing without contracting one of the one million cases of salmonella annually? Take these notes from our food distribution route couriers. After all, we have over 35 years of experience safely transporting your time and temperature sensitive goods. We’ve learned a thing or two (million) about how to keep food safe for consumption this holiday season.


Food Prep


  • Keep proteins separate- While shopping, keep raw poultry, red meat, and seafood in a separate area of your cart. Bag these separately, as well.
  • Don’t eat raw dough- Resist! Raw dough, like cookie dough, contains raw eggs and raw flour. By sneaking a taste before you cook them, you’re taking the chance of ingesting harmful germs like E.coli and Salmonella.
  • Wash your hands- The holy grail of safety tips. Before, during, and after you prep, wash your hands.


Food Transport

  • Hot stays hot, cold stays cold- During travel and while serving, hot food should remain at least 140 degrees, and cold food should remain at least 40 degrees or cooler.
  • When it doubt, toss it out- Food that has been out for more than 2 hours should be thrown away. If anything smells or looks questionable, throw it out.


Food Storage

  • Store immediately- Food that has been properly transported and enjoyed should be stored ASAP. If you’re tempted to “let it cool” on the counter first, don’t! Your fridge is meant to cool down food safely.
  • Reheat well- The best part about Thanksgiving? Leftovers. As long as you reheat to an internal temperature of 165 degrees, you should be good to chow down.


As our Dallas Courier team knows well, food safety is a big deal. While we don’t prep your foods, we do handle the two other big points: food transport and storage. The last thing you want during this joyous holiday season is to poison your friends and family by unknowingly inviting bacteria to your Turkey Day festivities!


Stay safe in your own kitchen, and for those other food transportation needs, enlist the help of an experienced professional like our food distribution route couriers. We have dozens of satisfied customers who would love to share their stories with you here


Not only that, we’re available to you any time of day or night for your food distribution routes or any one of these other courier services.


We’re even here for you every weekend and every major holiday. When you have an urgent or scheduled delivery need, Dallas Courier is here for you.  With 24/7 service, you can contact us at any time.


We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season!