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Here’s What Your Customers Expect from Holiday Shipping

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Nov 28, 2018 @ 14:11 PM

Dallas Courier, DFW Holiday CourierMeeting and exceeding the expectations of your customers is the key to any successful business. Failing to meet the needs of your clients can result in disaster. When expectations and reality don’t match up, the result is disappointment. Certainly, you don’t want a disappointed customer this holiday season!

Before you can meet your customers' needs, though, you need to know what they expect from you. Don't let that daunting task get your tinsel in a tangle, though. We'll make it easy for you. Because that's what our DFW holiday couriers do. Here’s what your customers expect from their holiday shipping experience with your company:


Items to arrive on time- Shipping delays are impossible to explain to a customer. Your shipping partner is extension of your service. It doesn’t matter to your waiting customers if there is ice in North Dakota when they live in Arizona- the delay is always your fault.  Customers expect items to arrive on time, and within the quoted delivery window. That means you need a delivery team that has an exceptionally high on time rate, and one that you’d want serving as an extension of your customer service.



Same day or overnight deliveries- Up to 40% of shoppers admit to waiting until the 10 days before Christmas to start their holiday shopping. That means a lot of last minute business for you, as a business owner, and it equates to a lot of last minute deliveries for us, the DFW holiday delivery courier. Your customers shop last minute expecting their items to still arrive before the holiday, and you have to make sure your courier can handle that type of urgency.



GPS tracking- We live in the age of technology. When your customers place orders on your website, they want to know where their package is at all times in the process. That means you’ll need live updates on the status of your orders, and an easy way to find that information. A DFW holiday delivery courier that is committed to incorporating state of the art technology into their business model can deliver- pun intended.


Items to arrive in perfect condition- Of course, items arriving on time is fabulous, but if they’re not in perfect condition ,it doesn’t matter. Wilted poinsettias, rotted pears, or smashed glass weren’t mentioned in The 12 Days of Christmas, were they? Customers expect their items to arrive in pristine condition, which might mean a specialized shipping service such as refrigerated vehicles, custom critical delivery, or a lift equipped straight truck.


 Extra services- As if all this weren’t enough, chances are your customers expect the option to have a little something extra. White glove service, photo proof of delivery, and removal services are services for which customers will pay a little extra to get a little extra.


That’s what your customers expect from your holiday delivery services. Are you able to meet those expectations? Even better- are you able to exceed them?


Dallas Courier has been meeting and exceeding your expectations for over three decades. Our team of professionals boasts over 100 years of combined service in the transportation and logistics industry. If there’s anyone who can assure that your holiday expectations and the expectations of your customers are met, it’s Dallas Courier.


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