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Cheers to Your Choice of Caffeination and All Its Uses!

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, May 1, 2019 @ 22:05 PM

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Think about your daily Cup of Joe and what purpose it serves for you. For our hot shot delivery drivers, coffee fuels the on demand pick-ups and deliveries that pop up at all hours of the night and day. With 24/7 operations, coffee becomes an essential tool for customer service.


Did you know, though, that your daily grind can have an even greater impact on your daily grind? (You like what we did there?) Your coffee, and many of the items associated with it, serve many different purposes besides bringing caffeinated lifeblood to your sleepy body.


Much like our hot shot delivery team, who is able to move everything from pallets of shoes to crates of spaghetti squash, coffee is versatile. Here are some amazing things your morning brew can do:



The coffee itself obviously packs in some caffeine. Around 100 milligrams per cup. This gives your central nervous system a bit of a jolt, increasing alertness and wakefulness. But coffee also has the following health benefits:


            -contains essential nutrients like Magnesium, Manganese, and Potassium

            -can lower your risk of Type II diabetes

            -can protect against Alzheimer’s and Dementia

            -may lower your risks for certain types of cancer


Before you ever even brew, though, coffee can be beneficial. Coffee beans can be used all over the home. For example, beans can be:


  • used for decoration in place of glass beads in vases or candle holders
  • stale coffee beans to make a sweet treat, cover the beans in melted chocolate and then let cool
  • coffee beans are known to be a “palate cleanser” for the olfactory system, they’re often used to smell in between sampling perfumes



We all have a few extra filters around the house, especially if we repeatedly buy the wrong size and don’t find time to return them. (Guilty!) Good news, though. Coffee filters can be used for:


  • disposable snack cups
  • to prevent microwave splatter
  • a filter to remove sediment from older wine
  • steep loose leaf tea
  • as protective sheets in between china
  • polishing glass



Once you’re done drinking your coffee, you have all those leftover grounds that usually make their way to the trash can. No longer! Coffee grounds have a multitude of uses. More than all other parts of the coffee put together!


  • sprinkle around doors and windows as a bug repellant
  • rub damp coffee grounds into scratched furniture to reduce the appearance of marks
  • roses and hydrangeas require nitrogen fertilizer, coffee grounds are nitrogen rich
  • use for compost
  • coffee grounds are mildly abrasive and acidic, which makes for perfect cleaner for stained dishes
  • place dry grounds in a container and place where any offensive smell might grow
  • rough grounds make a great skin exfoliant
  • caffeine in grounds might reduce the appearance of cellulite if used as a body scrub
  • use as a meat tenderizer
  • scrub into scalp to stimulate hair growth and deep clean
  • treat under eye circles


Cheers to your choice of caffeination and all the great ways you can use it! There are beaucoup benefits to coffee, from the beans to the grounds. So don’t feel bad about pouring yourself a cup or two. After all, as our hot shot delivery team knows, that cup of coffee can really get you moving when you’re in a time crunch. But don’t forget about all those other uses- for every part of your coffee process.


Also don't forget about the amazing benefits of hiring a courier for your next hot shot delivery. When you're in that time crunch, grab a cup of coffee and sit back while Dallas Courier does the tough transport. Ready to get started? Contact us  today!