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How Custom Delivery Services Can Help Your Business Grow

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sun, May 5, 2019 @ 15:05 PM

Dallas Courier, Custom Delivery Services

When you use custom delivery services from Dallas Courier, growing your business is no longer limited by the ability to warehouse and deliver items. Let us customize your courier services to accommodate the needs of your business right now; then, we can modify the services in the future as your business grows and changes.

Our custom delivery services provide solutions for challenging logistics problems, such as:

  • Items that are valuable, fragile, and/or highly-perishable
  • Items that are odd-shaped, heavy, and/or bulky
  • When there is a short window of time between a pickup and a delivery
  • Items that need to be transported in a climate-controlled environment
  • When a delivery must take place at an exact date and time
  • Items that need extra security in transport
  • Items that need to be collected first by Dallas Courier receiving multiple deliveries at the warehouse, before being redistributed
  • Deliveries that need to be made quickly and on-demand
  • Deliveries that need to happen at the same time on a regular daily, weekly, or monthly schedule
  • Special needs and requirements for medical, legal, or food deliveries must be met
  • A straight truck is needed for large, bulk, or distant deliveries

Surprising Custom Delivery Solutions from Dallas Courier

Dallas Courier makes many custom deliveries that are unusual including:

  • Life-Saving: We deliver life-saving items, such as human organs used for transplant surgeries, blood, and snake anti-venom.
  • Court Filing Deadlines: We will pick up documents at a law office and make sure they get to the court in time for a filing deadline.
  • Wedding Saving: We had a rush order to pick up a wedding ring that was still at the jewelers after being re-sized, while the wedding was already in progress.
  • Really Difficult: Our team was tasked to deliver a grand piano to a penthouse that was too big to take up in the elevator, so we hand-carried it up many flights of stairs.

Custom Delivery for Business Success

Dallas Courier offers flexible custom delivery options that adjust according to your specifications. When shipping products to your customers is already part of your services, there may be many ways to improve the process. Faster delivery times, more accurate delivery methods, safer transport in climate-controlled trucks, regularly scheduled routes, and having dedicated drivers are just a few of the ways we help our clients to improve their delivery services.

Expanding into the Fort Worth Area with Custom Delivery

Working with Dallas Courier for custom delivery services allows a company that is headquartered in another area to provide excellent customer service for delivery to their customers in Fort Worth and the surrounding cities.

You can schedule a regular delivery to transport goods from another Texas city and bring them to the Dallas Courier warehouse in DFW for storage and redistribution. We can hold items in our warehouse, then pack and ship out portions of the inventory stock as needed.

Custom Delivery from Ft. Worth to Other Cities

Our expert couriers can handle dedicated long-distance runs to other cities in Texas. For example, if a business needs to ship a truckload of goods from Fort Worth to San Antonio but only needs this shipment to happen once each month, they benefit greatly when setting up a custom delivery program. The business owners know that there is a truck ready to make the deliveries on schedule and they do not have to waste money on a truck that sits idle the rest of the time when it is not in use.

Would you like to learn more about how a custom delivery system can benefit your business? Call 972.680.8000 to get a quote for a one-time need or use the online form to request a consultation to discuss setting up a custom delivery program with Dallas Courier today.