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How Does Dallas Expedited Freight Differ from Hot Shot Delivery?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sat, Dec 1, 2018 @ 21:12 PM

Dallas Courier, Hot Shot DeliveryAre Dallas expedited freight services or hot shot delivery services right for your company’s needs? In the world of expedited freight delivery it’s not difficult to find options. What’s challenging is selecting the option that fits your delivery needs the best. Let’s break down some of the key differences between expedited freight delivery and what is known as hot shot delivery.

First, expedited freight delivery guarantees your delivery will be completed within a given timeframe, typically known as a rush delivery. Hot shot deliveries, on the other hand, typically take place in one day and allow for specifying an arrival time down to the hour. Expedited deliveries tend to use custom delivery routes and general delivery windows. For example, a business may hire a delivery on a Monday and receive a two-business day guarantee on its arrival.

Expedited deliveries arrive on a given day (in the guaranteed window) rather than at a specified time. This difference can help your business when deciding between expedited and hot shot freight services. Do you need your product to reach its destination on a particular day or at a particular time?

Hot Shot Deliveries Require Specifics

Ever have that one friend or partner who needed to know everything? They needed to know ALL of the details, the specifics… hot shot deliveries are a little like that. As stated previously, hot shot freight deliveries can take place during specified timeframes, down to the hour. In order to make that happen, hot shot deliveries typically require specific pick up times.

For example, if you want pick-up and delivery of your freight to be completed within two hours from the time of your order, the freight may need to be ready for pick-up no later than 3 p.m. Specifics like this are another trait that differentiates hot shot deliveries from expedited deliveries. Because they work with extended or more general timelines, expedited deliveries offer more flexible pick-up times. In order to meet service level agreements, Hot Shot deliveries must operate on very specific timelines. Is your business equipped to work with tight delivery timelines, or would you benefit from a more flexible delivery schedule.

Final Destination, Expedited or Hot Shot Delivery?

It may seem obvious, but your delivery destination will often be the deciding factor in the type of delivery service you employ. To simplify it:

  • Hot shot freight delivery specializes in local deliveries typically made on a system of regular routes;
  • Expedited freight deliveries often use customizable routes over longer distances.

If you are a business with the need to deliver a product or freight over a short to moderate distance at a specified time, Hot shot delivery is your best bet. No other option provides the time savings and potential customer satisfaction like that of hot shot deliveries. If time is on your side and you are interested in some cost savings, expedited freight delivery is the way to go.

The last difference you may find between Hot Shot and expedited deliveries is that Hot Shot deliveries tend to utilize smaller delivery vehicles which are designed for handling small to medium-sized freight. Expedited deliveries usually employ box or straight trucks, which can offer larger payloads.  

Understanding the difference between expedited and hot shot deliveries can give your business a significant competitive advantage. Don’t get stuck selecting a delivery service that doesn’t fit the needs of your business.

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