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If You Have an Hour, You Have an Expedited Delivery Solution

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, May 3, 2019 @ 18:05 PM

Dallas Courier, One Hour Delivery Service

A lot can happen in an hour. An entire T-ball game (mercifully). Your whole lunch break. A 2-mile commute on the High Five at 4PM on a Friday.  And a logistics solution to your most pressing delivery problems with a one hour delivery service.


Who uses 1 hour deliveries?

Same day deliveries are one of our most utilized services. Whether it’s for forgotten business projects, vital healthcare supplies, or perishable items, an on demand delivery is the right option for those same-day needs.


A one hour delivery service an occur at any time of day or night. One hour deliveries get started quicker than other deliveries because our couriers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s no phone tree or busy signal. No matter when you call on Dallas Courier, a live member of our team will be taking your call. Our excellent dispatch team can have a courier at your disposal with speed.


Not only that, when you opt for our one hour delivery service, you get to choose how often you want to be notified. If you want, you can track your items every step of the way thanks to our state of the art technology and GPS on every vehicle.


Of course, not every same day need is the same. If variety is the spice of life, our couriers are Ghost Peppers. With dozens of services, and all kinds of vehicles, we can offer a one hour delivery service to a variety of customers.  


            -Doctors’ offices

            -Manufacturing plants

            -Law offices

            -Food services


Save Money and Time By Scheduling Deliveries

Sure, one hour delivery services are convenient, fast, and dependable, but they aren’t exactly cost-friendly, even with a fair and honest courier like Dallas Courier. Keep costs low, but service high by scheduling your deliveries in advance.


Our courier team offers both long term and short term delivery scheduling. All it takes is a quick set up consultation, where we’ll ask information like:

-How frequently do you need your deliveries? (daily, weekly, monthly)

-How many stops?

-What is the time period for pick-up and delivery?

-Are there any specifics, like vehicle size, temperature control, or drop off instructions?

Once the details are hammered out, you can expect your deliveries to go off without a hitch until you decide to adjust or discontinue your route. We even make it easy to manage and track with our HyperShip app.


Fast, But Not Fast Enough?

If a one hour delivery isn’t going to cut it, you’re in need of something even faster. Dallas Courier offers super rush 45 minute deliveries on most items within city limits. Our customizable solutions offer a variety of service options on a number of items. When you have transportation and logistics needs, no matter how quickly, you can count on Dallas Courier to assist.


Think your company could benefit from a one hour delivery service? Chances are, you can! Contact our team of experts today, and we’ll assist you with finding your unique service plan that meets all your T&L needs, including delivery and storage. Find us on social media, send us an email, fill out a delivery request, or give us a good old fashioned phone call. We’d be happy to serve you!