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The Most Important Thing to Pack in Your Holiday Luggage

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Dec 20, 2018 @ 21:12 PM

Dallas Courier, Long Distance Deliveries from DFWThis holiday season, over 107 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more to spend Christmas and New Years with loved ones. If you’re one of those who will be heading out of town, our long distance couriers feel for you.


We’re used to moving your long distance deliveries from DFW quickly, which means we’re on the go more than we are stationary. We’ve learned a thing or two about keeping your dry and temperature sensitive goods suited for travel, and we’ve also learned a thing or two about keeping ourselves suited for going to the distance.


As you pack your bags full of gifts, Christmas sweaters and sensible footwear, may our critical distance couriers suggest just one thing you should take along with you?


Your health.


It’s true, this doesn’t exactly fit in your overhead luggage. But with these tips, you can be sure you take your health with you this holiday, and return home with it in the same condition in which you left. Because, as our couriers know from making long distance deliveries from DFW for over thirty years, if something isn’t delivered in impeccable condition, it’s not a success.


Pack a lunch: Bring along some healthy snacks for munching during your air or car travel. Not only will this save you some dough, it also ensures you’re getting something tasty and healthful in your diet. Not to mention, sometimes airport food can get sketchy. Nobody likes to start off their holiday with a bout of food poisoning.


Sleep: Lack of sleep leads to a slew of side effects, like moodiness and overeating. Research also shows that even a few hours’ less of sleep than normal can affect our body’s ability to fight off germs, making us more susceptible to sickness.


Get moving: Choose a few mobile activities to do with your loved ones. Cross country skiing, hiking, or a 5k for the more ambitious athletes. Regular exercise improves mood and boosts your immune system. Bonus points for getting outdoors during your exercise. This gives you a boost of Vitamin D, and gives you an added boost of energy by being in the fresh air and new surroundings.


Hydrate: With the hustle and bustle, you might forget to drink up. But skip the alcohol and caffeine. Traveling can be dehydrating, and alcohol and caffeine can aggravate the effects of dehydration. Staying hydrated allows your mucous membranes to do their job of clearing out gross germs that try to get into your nose and eyes.


Manage stress: Stress reduces the body’s ability to fight off normal germs and bacteria. Avoid catching a cold from your niece (or even the doorknob at the mall) by finding ways to fight stress over the holidays. Easier said that done, we know. Unless, of course, you enlist in the help of a DFW long distance courier. We’ll manage the long haul of your time sensitive goods, and you can get back to focusing on what you’ll be eating at Christmas dinner.


Chances are good that you’re heading somewhere this holiday. And when you return, you need to be in tip top shape to tackle the new year. Like our critical distance couriers, you don’t get the luxury of a sick day!


Avoid bringing home anything other than a souvenir this holiday season. Keep your sanity, and your wellness, by sticking to these tips from our well traveled critical distance couriers.


Have a healthy and happy holiday, from your Dallas Courier team!