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Season of Thanks Series: How to Be a Great Guest

As we race into the holiday season, you’ll find our couriers moving faster than ever as they make your urgent and scheduled dry box truck delivery orders throughout the Metroplex and outside of the state of Texas, reaching customers on time and easing transportation woes.


When the year comes to a close, the transportation and logistics industry speeds up, in an attempt to make every Thanksgiving gathering, Hanukkah feast, and Christmas morning a success. From food deliveries to pharmaceuticals, electronics to fresh cut Christmas trees, couriers move a variety of items using a number of specialized vehicles, both dry and refrigerated, to get the job done.

5 Hidden Health Risks of Winter

Game of Thrones fans, you know the ominous meaning behind “winter is coming”. And just like the House Stark, now is the time to prepare and be vigilant. Here in North Texas, we never know if winter is going to be “flip flops and shorts” or “ice picks and empty bread aisles”. In fact, it could be both. In the same week. Or even the same day. Gotta love Texas!


But there are some common health risks that come with the winter season. Our urgent healthcare delivery couriers bring you five hidden health risks of winter that you should watch out for:

Freeze! Read This Before Making Your Weekend Plans

If you’ve been in Texas for more than 12 hours, you know the weather can be…well…fickle. That’s putting it nicely.


By this time next week, the weather is expected to drop into freezing temps for the first time this season. Since you can’t control the temperature, unless of course, you’re a refrigerated box truck delivery driver with Dallas Courier, you’ll have to take other matters into your hands. Such as, preparing your home for the first freeze of the season.


Here are a few things you need to do this weekend to prep for our first taste of winter weather:

5 Ways Dallas on Demand Delivery Couriers Make the Holidays Happier

What makes your holiday season really sparkle? Is it your favorite wooly sweater, just waiting for the next day our temps drop below 60? Is it the taste of turkey and dressing? Or maybe the feeling of gathering together with friends and family to catch up on the year gone by?


No matter what makes your holiday season special, chances are, you can thank a courier for being a part of that process. Not sure how that works? Consider the following ways Dallas on demand delivery and urgent delivery couriers are responsible for making the holiday season just a little happier:

3 Ways Warehousing and Fulfillment Services Affect Your Business

If you are trying to decide if your business can benefit from professional warehousing and fulfillment services, congratulations—because you are on you way to making your business run like a well-oiled machine. It may sound too good to be true at the moment. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with trying to store your products on-site or can’t keep up with all of the orders that are coming through for your business. These issues show your business is going through some growing pains. Make sure you make the most of them!

With professional warehousing and fulfillment, you are taking the necessary steps to expand your business in a smart and health way. There’s no need to struggle through the growth when you can have experts handling the details for you.

Get Ready! The “Good” Daylight Saving Time is Coming

It’s coming! No, not winter. No, not that creepy clown. Daylight Saving Time. To be accurate, Daylight Saving Time is not actually “coming”, it’s “going”. On Sunday, November 4 at 2 AM, we finally get to close the book on Daylight Saving Time that began back in March.


You don’t need to know the specifics, and you probably don’t want to know them. So just let our scheduled delivery courier team put it to you like this: the Daylight Saving event that is occurring in November is the “good” one. It’s when we set those clocks back, and we “gain the extra hour”, as we like to say. Unless, of course you fall into one of the following categories:

Can Your Robot Do This?

Over the years, there have been some pretty outlandish recommendations for replacing one of the oldest services in history- courier services.


First, we were threatened with drones- that became troublesome when questions of national and aviation security came into play. Then we were piqued by the possibility of cargo traveling at hyper speed through underground tunnels operation by artificial intelligence. Now, it’s robots.


It’s always the robots.

Five Ways to Use Your Extra Four Hours

Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too clearly never used the services of a four hour courier in Dallas. See, four hour deliveries really are the best of both worlds. Couriers offer many different services. These include ultra-fast, hot shot deliveries in as little as 45 minutes, but they also include more economical same day delivery options, such as the four hour delivery.


With a four hour courier in Dallas, not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing your item will be delivered by the day’s end, or even before lunch, depending on when you place the delivery request, you get to pocket some spare change. Those hot shot 45 minute deliveries across town are much costlier than the economical four hour option.


Your item gets into the waiting hands of the recipient, and you get to carry on completing whatever tasks you had on your to do list that day. That’s what we like to call a win-win. Or, a more delicious description- having your cake and eating it, too. (With our food distribution couriers, this phrase could actually be literal!)

5 Ways to Protect Your Identity this Holiday Season

October. The calm before the storm.


Even though your favorite department stores have Christmas decorations out, and you’re already seeing advertisements for free layaway on all those toys your kids can’t live without, the month of October is still considered the calm before the storm of the holiday season.


Even for our scheduled box truck delivery team, October represents the precursor to big changes. The rush of holiday orders, food deliveries, and warehousing fulfillment hasn’t yet hit, and we’re enjoying our regularly scheduled routes as part of our everyday operations


Since we all find ourselves taking a few deep breaths in preparation this time of year, perhaps there’s one more thing you should consider as you prepare for the upcoming holidays. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It’s for good reason that this campaign begins in October. It’s the Department of Homeland Security’s way of preparing us for all the online shopping, credit card swiping, budget blowing, information explosion that will occur in the next several weeks.

Can Anything Prepare You For Fall in Texas?

To borrow from one of our favorite Texas memes:


It’s fall in Texas! You know what that means…


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s still 90 degrees outside.


Here in Texas, we really only have two seasons. Winter and Summer. Oftentimes, we get to experience both in the same week! That means that even though we’re roasting our way through the first few weeks in October, by Halloween, we could be ice skating in our cul-de-sac. Hey. Stranger things have happened!


Texas could use a lesson or ten on temperature control from our Dallas refrigerated van deliveries team. They’re able to keep your cold, frozen, and ambient foods at just the right temperature for the entire ride within town, across city lines, or throughout the country. With state of the art technology, maintained vehicles, and competent couriers, controlling the temperature of your sensitive items has never been more achievable.