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This Place That We Call The Workplace

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Mar 5, 2019 @ 17:03 PM

Dallas Courier, Refrigerated Deliveries in DFWRefrigerated deliveries in DFW can be a harrowing task. I mean, who else has to deal with both freezing temperatures and seventy-five degree sunny skies in the same week? It makes it difficult for distributors to keep their goods at controlled temperatures while they’re moved throughout DFW or even throughout the state of Texas.


This is exactly why companies call on a professional transportation team like Dallas Courier to handle their refrigerated deliveries in DFW. We keep your frozen, refrigerated, and ambient items cool. Literally.


We also keep it cool metaphorically. Here at Dallas Courier, we pride ourselves on our people. We’re committed to hiring the best of the best, and then training them on how to serve with excellence and care, no matter what the transportation task.


What’s it like for our people? To find out, let’s take a look at our place.



Our place is fluid.

Sure, we stick by our foundational principles of honesty and integrity in everything we do, but we’re also committed to learning and changing based on our customers’ needs. There are no hard and fast rules to serving DFW’s transportation and logistics needs. We understand that our clients are unique, and so should be our services.


Our place is on 24/7.

Monday morning at 8 am? We’re on. Saturday night at 10 pm? We’re on. Smack dab in the middle of your holiday weekend? We’re on. We’re on 24/7 so you don’t have to be. When you contact Dallas Courier for an urgent deliver need, we’re here for you. A live member of our team will be standing by to answer, and a professional driver with just the right vehicle can be on their way ASAP.


Our place is transparent.

It’s a pretty simple business practice- to operate transparently- but it makes a huge impact. It’s always easiest to stay honest. And that type of integrity is what we strive for with every business decision we make. From offering fair and honest quotes on your services to providing delivery tracking every step of the way, Dallas Courier remains transparent to one another and to our customers. This isn’t always the most popular business practice, but it’s always the most beneficial one.


Our place is your place.

As DFW delivery experts, we’re representations of our clients. We know that when we make that urgent or scheduled delivery, we’re representing Dallas Courier, but we’re also representing you, our customer. We’re the first line of customer service for your clients. Knowing this, we’re committed to offering a great first impression. We do this by arriving on time, dressed professionally in a logo clad polo and khakis, and sporting a smile and a positive attitude. These options come standard on all your deliveries. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the representation that we provide for your business. Because your customers are our customers, and we always strive to make a great impression.


This is the place that we call the workplace, where our people are our family. If you like what you see, then contact us today to find out how you can be a part of the Dallas Courier family. Whether you’re looking for a job as one of our stellar couriers, or you’re looking to put our couriers services to use in your company, one of our team members is standing by to answer all your questions.


From refrigerated deliveries in DFW to food distribution to long distance critical transportation, Dallas Courier has it all! Our place is open 24/7, so give us a call today!