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Stop Throwing Money (And Other Things) Down the Drain

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sat, Jan 19, 2019 @ 17:01 PM

Dallas Courier, Scheduled Deliveries in DFWScheduled deliveries in DFW are important for so many reasons. For starters, they ensure that your daily or weekly deliveries get to your desired locations on time, every time. With one simple set up process, you can count your orders as good as “fulfilled” without having to stress over them each and every delivery day.


Equally as important, though, scheduled deliveries in DFW save you money. When you have the ability to schedule your deliveries in advance, you reduce the need for urgent transportation needs, which can be incredibly costly and stressful. Instead, outlining your deliveries for the entire month, or even the entire quarter can save you big with your favorite courier team. It pays to plan ahead.


Scheduled deliveries in DFW save you from throwing money down the drain. Because we all know that’s not the place for it!


But there are also things, literally speaking, that you should stop throwing down the drain. You’ll want to check these out and reconsider how you use your kitchen sink.

  • Eggshells- We’ve all heard the myth that eggshells can be good for your disposal, but this is not true. Eggshells are ground up and create sand-like particles in your pipes. Not great for water flow.
  • Grease- In its liquid form, grease seems like it would do find down the sink, but when it solidifies and accumulates, it can cause big problems. Instead, let the fat solidify and throw it away.
  • Medication- True, you should dispose of expired medication. Especially dangerous meds like opiates. But putting them down the drain
  • Coffee grounds- Grease might be the number one damager of drains, but coffee grounds are a close second. As you know from cleaning your machine, wet coffee grounds make for a sloppy mess. They never dissolve, and clump together to block pipes.
  • Potato peels- Potatoes are mostly starch. That means they can clump up and form a paste that makes it tough for water to pass through. You're better off collecting and disposing of peels in the compost or trash. 
  • Rice, pasta, or bread- Consider your garbage disposal on the Keto diet. Bread, pasta and rice all expand when they get wet, which means they can create a block in your pipes. If you do end up with too much rice down your drain, you can help it ease through with boiling water. 

This list right here? It'll help keep you from throwing unnecessary or harmful things down your kitchen drain. 


This courier, though, will help keep you from throwing hard-earned money down the drain. Dallas Courier helps save you cash by getting the job done right the first time. No repeat delivery, no replacement products; only happy customers. Dallas Courier also offers scheduled deliveries in DFW, the surrounding area, and outside state lines. Deliveries scheduled in advance are one of the many ways to save money on your T&L processes


Ready to find out more? Contact Dallas Courier today for a free quote on your service. Let us assist with a plan of action to meet all your delivery needs!