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Down On Your Luck? This Will Help

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Apr 4, 2019 @ 19:04 PM

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Do you feel lucky?


If your courier company is Dallas Courier, the answer should be “yes”! With dozens of services, combined to meet your unique needs, on call couriers, and a delivery region that stretches from coast to coast, you’re lucky to have one of the most capable and quality couriers that North Texas has to offer on your side.


Another reason why you should feel lucky? The hummingbird migration is coming soon to North Texas.


In Native American culture, hummingbirds are seen as a sign of good luck, or sometimes as signs from loved ones who have passed away. Luck and love. That’s what these little birds have come to represent. If you’d like to boost your chance to see a few of these lucky fellas as they pass through on their way North. Some of them will nest here in Texas for the summer. Others will move on towards areas further North before they fly back south before winter, sometime in August or September.


If you’ve seen those hummingbird feeders around, they’re not a bad idea. Keeping them full of sugar water without it molding, attracting yellow jackets, or squirrels might be a challenge, though. It’s best to create a natural environment for your lucky little friends. The best way to do that is to cultivate these plants and flowers:


Turk’s Cap- This plant is forgiving, as it is found in all different environments from sandy ground near Texas streams to evergreens across to Florida. They’re also tolerant to drought. These beauties are a norm for Texas landscaping, so they’re easy to find read-to-plant, and they will bloom in the heat of summer and into fall. Their red flowers make beautiful nectar for traveling humming birds.


Mexican Bush Sage- Another tolerant plant, this flowering shrub can withstand the hot summer temps, all the way to the frigid Texas winters. Sun, shade, wet or dry, even those without a green thumb can keep this plant alive. While this is one plant hummingbirds will love, the butterflies also find this plant a favorite.


Lady in Red Salvia- Add a splash of red to your garden with this flowering plant. They bloom in May and can last well through the first frosts of November. This plant is also known as hummingbird sage, and for good reason. This is one of the most preferred plants by hummingbirds.


Sapphire Sage- Another of the salvia plants, this one comes in an electric blue color that attracts the hummingbirds. While the blooms only last a few weeks, you can encourage more to grow and more hummingbird visitors by snipping off the spent buds. Even better, these plants smell glorious. When the leaves are crushed, they give off an anise scent.


Add a little luck to your Texas garden without having to deal with those messy bird feeders attracting unwanted attention. These natural and Texas-friendly blooms are easy to grow and maintain, and can attract birds and butterflies on their way into the North and Central US, as well as on their migration south to warmer weather before winter.


If you feel like you need a little luck, but don’t think the garden is the best place to find it, you can always contact our Dallas Courier team. In fact, there’s no luck needed. No matter when you call Dallas Courier, a live member of our team will answer. Every one of our services is available as a scheduled delivery in DFW or outside of the city, or as an urgent delivery.


There’s also no luck involved in transporting your time and temperature sensitive goods throughout North Texas. With 35 years of experience and a 98% on time rate, we don't need luck on our side. Oh, and did we mention your satisfaction is guaranteed? Lucky you!


Ready to get started? Contact our Dallas Courier team today for your next scheduled delivery in DFW.