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Season of Thanks Series: How to Be a Gracious Host

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Nov 19, 2018 @ 11:11 AM

Dallas Courier, Same Day DeliveryLast week, we tackled the topic “How to Be a Great Guest”, but equally as important is the lesson how to be a great host.


Hosts can make or break the holidays. With an average of 12 guests per Thanksgiving event, hosts have their hands full. If you’re not one of the 54 million Americans traveling, chances are you’re playing host to family or friends who are traveling.


Whether this is your first Thanksgiving rodeo, or you’re an absolute professional like our Dallas Courier same day delivery team, we could all use a little refresher on how to treat our guests well this holiday season.


Here are just a few places you can start:


Make it comfortable: Give life to the phrase mi casa es su casa”. Let your guests help themselves to your kitchen, show them where the thermostat is, and clue them in on where to find extra pillows and blankets.


Clear some space: Give your guests a place to put their coats, purses, and shoes. It will keep your space organized, and make your guests feel at home.


Provide the basics: Weary travelers need just a few things to feel at home: water, a towel, and the WIFI password. Present these to your guests upon arrival, and they’ll feel welcomed.


Customize your meal: You may love pumpkin pie, but if your guests are allergic to gluten, you’ll need to rethink dessert. Ask about allergies before you plan your meal. If you make an effort to make it special for them, they’ll notice.


Prep early: You want to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your guests, don’t you? Prep what you can in advance. Cheat and buy a few things already prepared. And let your guests assist if they offer to help in the kitchen.


Pump the jams: Or at least put on some relaxing holiday-appropriate music. Kick it up a notch by hosting a karaoke competition after dinner.


Present boredom busters: Have a variety of games accessible. Everything from classic board games like Life or Monopoly, to cards for poker, or some amusing games like Pie Face. (Look it up. Your Turkey Day will never be the same.)


Keep other meals simple: Thanksgiving dinner can be a spectacle, but for the rest of the meals your guests will enjoy, plan on easy, refrigerator prep meals. Sandwiches, a pot of soup, or store-bought breakfast bakes make KISS meals.


Be happy: As the host, you get to set the mood. If your mood is frazzled or stressed, your guests will be, too. Let go of the dream to maintain an empty sink or a spotless floor. Enjoy your guests and have fun with them. The rest can be saved for after guests go home.


If you are vying for the hostess with the mostess, these tips from our same day delivery team will help you impress your guests and slay the Thanksgiving holiday.


How do we know so much about courtesy and comfort? We have over 35 years of experience playing host to your time and temperature sensitive goods as we transport them within the city, across the state of Texas, and throughout the United States.


With every delivery fulfilled with Dallas Courier, you’ll feel like an honored guest, or, better yet, part of our family. Don’t wait until Turkey Day to get the service and attention you deserve. Contact Dallas Courier for your urgent or same day delivery today.