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This Tree Has Roots! (Figuratively Speaking)

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Dec 19, 2018 @ 17:12 PM

Dallas Courier, STAT DeliveriesIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s no doubt about that. But ask just about anyone about one of the most beloved Christmas traditions, and you’re not likely to find insight into the historical roots of the Christmas tree.


Thankfully, our Dallas Courier STAT deliveries team goes deep. Roots are important to us. Our roots here in DFW, as the number one provider of transportation and logistics services to the Metroplex, extend for over three decades. For over 35 years, we’ve been offering fast delivery services, oftentimes in less than an hour, for your urgent, time sensitive items.


Back to those Christmas tree roots, though. Ninety-five million Americans will set one up in their house this year, but few of us know why.


For thousands of years, folks have been using an evergreen to celebrate winter. In ancient times, evergreen branches were used as decorations during the winter solstice- a reminder of the spring that is coming. Christians saw the trees as a symbol of everlasting life, given by God.


It was around the 1600s when Germans first brought trees into their homes during Christmastime. They decorated them and celebrated the season of Christ’s birth. Christmas trees were decked out with edible treats, like gingerbread and apples. Paper flowers were also noted in early writings from Germany.


The Protestant reformer Martin Luther is credited with adding lights to the tree in the form of candles. The story goes that Luther was struck one evening by the beauty of the stars amidst the evergreens. He wanted to recreate the beauty of this image for his family. Thus began a long history of fire hazards.


The Christmas tree made its way to England in 1846 when Queen Victoria and her German husband, Prince Albert made it fashionable to have one in the home during the holiday season. A few decades later, Christmas trees made their way across the pond to America.


One of our most famous Christmas trees, located in Rockefeller Center was first erected in 1931. It is said that a small, undecorated tree was set up by construction workers who were grateful to be working during the Depression.  As they worked on building the new Rockefeller center, they set up the tree to be a holiday beacon for New Yorkers and visitors to The City.


Since then, even in times of war, the Rockefeller Tree has been a tradition for New York and for America. The trees got larger and more elaborate, and in 1951, the first televised Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting was aired on NBC. These days, more than half a million people walk by the tree display each day of the holiday season.


While 95 million Americans will put up a Christmas tree this year, only about 30 million of those trees will be live trees. Those live trees will have spent an average of 7 years growing to reach their typical height of 6 to 7 feet. While the top producing state of Christmas trees is Oregon, all 50 states have their own Christmas tree farms. Couriers like our Dallas Courier team can transport those large trees from their growers, both near and long distance, right to our backyard here in North Texas.


If you are looking to purchase a real tree this year, consider the fact that you’ll be paying 5-10% more than you did last year. During the recession of 2008 and the years to follow, fewer trees were planted due to many growing locations cutting back or going out of business. We’re now starting to reap what we sowed…or…didn’t sow. Meaning, real trees are a commodity this year and for the next several years.


This could be a contributing factor to the reason behind so many folks going towards artificial trees. One statistic says the 81% of Americans will opt for an artificial tree this year.  


Whether you’re opting for artificial or keeping it traditional with the real tree, at least now you’re up to speed on the history behind one of our most beloved Christmas traditions.


Don’t forget, if you find yourself in a bind this holiday season with a need for last minute deliveries, our Dallas Courier STAT deliveries team is standing by 24 hours a day, with a variety of fleet, including temperature sensitive and large cargo transporters. We’re here 24/7 to ensure your holidays are happy in 2018! Contact us today.