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In The Race For Speed, Quality Counts

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Dec 20, 2018 @ 21:12 PM

Dallas Courier, Super Rush Dallas DeliveryThis time of year, it seems to be all about speed.


How fast can you get over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house?


How quickly can you eat dinner and dessert to get out of Grandmother’s house?


How fast can your last minute Christmas gift get to your secret Santa on the east coast?


With all the “quick”, is there time for “quality?


Our super rush Dallas delivery team thinks so. In fact, that’s exactly what we proclaim. When you put your focus on blazing through a rush job, the result is…well…a rushed job. 


The truth is, when it comes to speedy deliveries throughout DFW, the fastest courier isn’t always the most quality courier. In the race for speed, quality still counts. When you compromise quality for speed the results can be devastating:



Inaccurate deliveries

Ever make a mistake because you’re in too big of a rush to notice otherwise? (Uh, yeah!) In the race to be the fastest, couriers often deliver goods to the wrong address, fail to transport all the packages, or make wrong turns, causing delay.


Quality couriers, on the other hand, are well prepared, checked by a quality assurance team, and move quickly, while keeping quality at the forefront of their decisions. It also helps that they keep customers involved through the entire process. Something possible thanks to a commitment to state of the art tracking technology throughout the delivery process.


Compromised products

Temperature controlled or sensitive deliveries require a little extra time and effort to ensure they stay at just the right state for the entirety of their journey. Failing to take the extra time to check and double check sensitive products often results in compromised items. That can mean everything from simply thawed food that should have been frozen, to more disastrous side effects such as lab specimens that are no longer viable. When quality is compromised for speed, it can lead to ineffective or even dangerous products.



Increased costs for reparations

If your customer receives the wrong item, a damaged item, or, (gasp!) no item at all, you’re stuck footing the bill to fix the issue. And, chances are, even if you fix the problem, you’ve lost that customer for future business.


Get your super rush Dallas delivery right the first time. Save the money it costs to fix delivery problems by foregoing delivery problems in the first place. A quality courier might cost you a bit more, but they come with the guarantee and assurance that you won’t be paying out of pocket later to fix the issues with a shoddy delivery team.


Dissatisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is the name of the game, no matter what game you’re playing isn’t it? Whether you’re a healthcare supply provider or a restaurant owner, what it all comes down to is your ability to keep customers satisfied. Unhappy customers means a loss of business. Rushed deliveries often leave customers feeling undervalued. When their products arrive damaged, or, at the very least, their courier is too busy to offer them assistance with unloading their items, customers will think twice before purchasing your products.


You need a courier team who represents themselves and your company well. You need a team that carries themselves professionally, and performs their profession with skill. That’s exactly what Dallas Courier promises you.


We can’t promise you the fastest delivery, or the cheapest service, but why would we? The consequences of cutting corners is too great for all parties involved. Performing quality courier services at a fair price is what we’re all about.


Have questions about our philosophy on super rush Dallas delivery or about any of the services we provide? Contact our team of experts. We’re available to you, on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.