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5 Ways Couriers Promote Safety for Your Business

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, May 7, 2019 @ 21:05 PM

Dallas Courier, Transportation and Logistics Operations

Safety first. The old adage that still rings true to this day in just about every action we take. It’s especially applicable to the workplace. Whether you work for a manufacturing firm operating heavy and large machinery, or you’re a scientist splitting molecules, you’re held to certain standards of safety. In other words, safety is your top priority as you carry out your daily tasks.


Here at Dallas Courier, we’re here to support you in that “safety first” mission. Here are just a few ways the right courier can promote safety in your business’s transportation and logistics operations:



  • Temperature control- Food safety is a prominent issue with transportation. So much so, it has its own congressional docket. Perhaps the most important facet of food transportation safety is temperature control. A courier with the proper fleet, maintained equipment and trained drivers can assure your items stay at a specific temperature (or multiple temperatures if your cargo requires different settings for different items) throughout the duration of transport.  Couriers keep your food safe for consumption by maintaining the proper environment for delivery.
  • Federal regulation adherence- Couriers are held to high standards, and here at Dallas Courier, we take that seriously. It's why we take the time to train our team members for OSHA, HIPAA, HazMat, FSMA, and other regulatory practices. Even if you’re not sure of the details surrounding proper transportation and storage of your items, we are. With over 35 years of experience and a commitment to keeping up with the changes in transportation law, you can trust Dallas Courier to remain compliant to any and all applicable regulations regarding your cargo.
  • Safe drivers- Our drivers are background checked and trained in handling business the Dallas Courier way- that includes keeping honesty and integrity at the forefront of our operations. While our goal is to move your items quickly, that never gets in the way of safe driving. Not only that, you can be sure you’re safely handing your sensitive items over to a Dallas Courier team member because they’re uniformed and carry proper identification. You’ll never have to wonder if your courier is who they say they are when you work with Dallas Courier.
  • 24/7 operations- We love that you trust our team to make your time and temperature sensitive deliveries. That’s why we’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At 2AM on a holiday weekend, one might be concerned about the safety of hiring a courier. You can feel safer knowing your tried and trusted delivery team is available, no matter when you call. 
  • Maintained and equipped fleet- At Dallas Courier, we want to be sure that every delivery request can be fulfilled. That means vehicle maintenance is a priority. Your cargo is safe for transport in our variety of fleet, each professionally maintained for safe and secure driving. This keeps your cargo, our drivers, and those we share the road with safe. Our straight trucks are lift equipped, ensuring your items can move accident-free on and off the vehicle. You can also rest assured knowing your items are secure, with no concern for theft or accidental loss along the way.


There’s no doubt that safety is a priority for your organization. It is for ours, as well! Together, we can ensure safe transportation and logistics operations that effectively meet the needs of your employees and your customers.


Want a safe bet with your time and temperature sensitive transport? Contact Dallas Courier today. Find us on social media, chat with us here on our website, or send us an online request form to get started!