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5 Hidden Health Risks of Winter

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Nov 8, 2018 @ 13:11 PM

Dallas Courier, Urgent Healthcare DeliveryGame of Thrones fans, you know the ominous meaning behind “winter is coming”. And just like the House Stark, now is the time to prepare and be vigilant. Here in North Texas, we never know if winter is going to be “flip flops and shorts” or “ice picks and empty bread aisles”. In fact, it could be both. In the same week. Or even the same day. Gotta love Texas!


But there are some common health risks that come with the winter season. Our urgent healthcare delivery couriers bring you five hidden health risks of winter that you should watch out for:


Vitamin D deficiency: As the skies turn a bit grey for the season, vitamin D deficiency becomes a real threat to our health and happiness. Sunlight is our body’s primary source of vitamin D, and it is absorbed through the skin. In winter, when sunny skies are covered by clouds and our skin is covered by long sleeves, we don’t get adequate vitamin D. This can cause fatigue, increased illness and depression.


Cold and flu: As we make our way indoors for the season, we find ourselves sharing a lot more than just meals and gifts. When we’re in close proximity to one another, we share germs, as well. As cold and flu season rages on, be sure to eat right, exercise, wash your hands, and get your flu shot.


Winter allergies: Remember that weather whiplash we mentioned earlier? It’s precisely that type of weather that makes seasonal allergies a thing for every season in the Lone Star State. In Winter, we have to worry about cedar and dust mites. Cedar Fever is generally confined to Central and South Texas, though it is possible to feel it all the way up here in North Texas. Dust mites, on the other hand, are found everywhere. We don’t want to gross you out, so just take our word for it. They’re everywhere. And they are one of the most common allergies.


Carbon monoxide poisoning: Carbon monoxide is the silent killer. This gas is odorless and invisible, but also deadly. Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning is most commonly caused by malfunctioning stoves, heaters, furnaces and fireplaces. Each year over 400 people in America die unknowingly from carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure to install CO detectors throughout your home, especially near bedrooms, and change the batteries twice a year.


Heart attacks: Heart attacks have an exponential increase in winter months. The numbers go up 53% from summer. In cold weather, there is a decrease in oxygen rich blood to the heart. When you ask your heart to work harder than normal (say, when you’re shoveling snow or de-icing your windshield), you put a great demand on your heart muscle. When your heart has a smaller supply of oxygen rich blood, but it requires a higher amount due to work, your risk of a heart attack increases. 


Winter is one of the most magical seasons here in North Texas, but it carries with it a fair amount of risk. Know what’s at stake this winter, and keep an open conversation between you and your healthcare provider to ensure you stay healthy and well this holiday season.


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