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Your Welcome Guide to Hot Shot Deliveries in DFW

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, Mar 22, 2019 @ 20:03 PM

Dallas Courier, Hot Shot Deliveries in DFWWelcome to Dallas Courier, where the deliveries are fast, the couriers are friendly, and the service is unbeatable! For over three decades, our team has been servicing the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with a variety of transportation and logistics processes.


When it comes to T&L services, we’re a on stop shop. From scheduled routes to warehousing and fulfillment, look no further than Dallas Courier. If you’re new to the courier game, though, you might need a little delivery 101.


If that’s the case, consider this your welcome guide to one of our most popular services- hot shot deliveries in DFW.


What are hot shot deliveries?

Hot shot services are those deliveries that need to move and arrive on the same day. This could refer to one item moving by car or van, or even multiple pallets of items moving by straight truck or flatbed. While nearly every courier considers a hot shot delivery one that must be delivered on the same day, there are still different time frames for hot shot deliveries.


Here at Dallas Courier we offer super rush (45 minute) services, as well as 1, 2, 3, and 4 hour deliveries. The agreed upon timeframe will depend on the type of item that needs to move, as well as the final destination. There are even on demand delivery options available for items that need to move out of the city, state, or even across the country! When your item is urgent, and must move immediately, it’s considered a hot shot delivery.


Who uses hot shot deliveries?

Anyone can take advantage of this type of service. We offer it for both residential and commercial deliveries, as well as business and personal cargo. Our clients often include healthcare agencies who need to move STAT medical items, food distributors who have temperature regulated items that require urgency, or even manufacturing companies who need to move large equipment to or from repair shops.


We deliver all kinds of items for all kinds of customers. We also know that one size never fits all, and your unique delivery needs are met with a plan of action specific to your organization- customized options for every customer.


When would I use a hot shot delivery?

Hot shot deliveries are generally used for items that are urgent in nature. As a full service logistics provider, Dallas Courier can move all sorts of items via hot shot. This includes, but is not limited to healthcare items, food, furniture, mail, manufacturing items, alcohol, and technology. Don’t see your item on this list? See a more comprehensive one here. Or call us. Chances are, if you need an item moved, we can move it with a hot shot delivery.


What other options do I have for deliveries?

If you don’t have to have an item move within the same day, it might be best to select a different service. There are more economical options, the most price sensitive one being a scheduled delivery for the future. If you’re looking for other delivery options, you can check out the information here on our website. If you don’t find a service that fits your needs, chances are we can come up with one together.  Give us a call or contact us via web chat. Meeting your specific needs with a combination of our services is what we do best.