Flatbed Deliveries

A problem for some. Not for us.

Flatbed Services

Dallas Courier, Flatbed DeliveriesDallas Courier's Flatbed Service is ideal for oversized or bulky freight that often times requires side loading or unloading. An additional benefit of a flatbed truck is the ease of use when loading docks are unavailable at the pick-up and/or drop off locations. 

Our flatbed service is available 24/7, allowing your logistics needs to be successful round the clock! Choose the time frame you need the items delivered, or even set up a flatbed route. We will handle the rest.

Typical flatbed loads include:

  • Construction site material
  • Bulky equipment such as transformers or forklifts
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Oversized freight


Flatbed Trucks:

  • 40, 30, 26 foot trucks

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