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6 Awkward (But Necessary) Questions to Ask Your Hot Shot Courier

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Aug 28, 2019 @ 18:08 PM

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Politics and money. Those are two topics you should always shy away from when speaking to…well…anyone! Some topics of conversation are just awkward. But when you’re getting info about your hot shot courier, those awkward topics can’t be avoided. They’re necessary.


As you seek your next urgent delivery provider, make it a little awkward. Consider these questions to ask your potential transportation provider:


  • Are you on time?

A hot shot courier has to be on time. It’s in their job description. It might seem like an odd question to ask someone, but finding out your transportation team’s on time rate is a great way to decide whether or not their services will work for you. For example, Eagle Express boasts a 98% on time rate. If your courier can't boast about it, they're not worth hiring.

  • What do others say about you?

Gossip isn’t our thing, but you need to know what former customers have to say about your transport team. They’ll give you the scoop. Check testimonials and customer reviews. Don’t take the company’s word for it.

  • Do you have insurance?

Nobody likes to talk about the worst case scenario, but getting the details on your hot shot courier’s insurance status should be one of the first questions you ask. Knowing their policies, providers, and coverage can bring you confidence in your partnership. It also makes sense to ask for proof of their insurance. Transportation teams have been known to promise one thing, but actually offer another.

  • What are your qualifications?

Special items require special transportation. That special transportation requires special training. Does your courier have that training? HIPAA, OSHA, HazMat, and FDA regulations are just a few specialized qualifications to consider. If your delivery team offers all of the above, you have a one-stop-shop. This simplifies deliveries and storage.

  • How old are you?

Ok, so you’re not really asking their age, but you can ask how long they’ve been in business. Asking such questions is normally a faux pas, but in the transportation game, longevity means experience. Any business that has decades of experience in DFW has the gusto to withstand tough deliveries, and offer stellar customer service to keep clients coming back. Dallas Courier has nearly 40 years of experience. Our age has seasoned us to serve the Metroplex and all its unique clients- everything from aerospace technology to food distribution. We’re old. And proud of it.

  • What kind of service do you believe in?

Faith is often an awkward conversation, but our team is proud to proclaim that we serve for the Metroplex through serving Jesus Christ. We believe by serving God, we can better serve you, our customers. We’re committed to performing your T&L tasks with honesty and integrity, focusing on our core values above all else.



Before you hire a hot shot courier, make it a little awkward! Get to know your delivery team before handing over your time and temperature sensitive delivery items.


Thankfully, Dallas Courier won’t make it weird for you. In fact, a live member of our team is available to you, any time of day or night. We can answer any of those odd, strange, or otherwise awkward questions. We’ve heard it all, and we’ve delivered it all.


Ours is the team to trust with all your urgent and scheduled deliveries. Contact us here on our webpage, day or night, when time matters, Dallas Courier is there.