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A Great T&L Plan Starts with a Discussion with your DFW Courier

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Sep 9, 2019 @ 19:09 PM

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Let’s face it. Your business needs a transportation and logistics plan. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 corporation manufacturing products for the aerospace industry or a small medical facility with just one provider- you have items that need pick-ups and deliveries.


No matter what scale you’re operating on, no matter how large or how small your cargo, you need a great T&L plan for your business to run smoothly. What’s the first step to such a cog in your organization’s wheel? A discussion with your DFW courier. 

Yes, a small conversation can spark a beautiful relationship between your organization and the team that will eventually take over your transportation and logistics processes. While this might not be an incredibly lengthy or involved process, it’s a vital one. Here’s what to expect when you sit down to discuss your T&L plan with your DFW courier:


Know Your Needs

Before you contact your prospective courier, sit down and consider what, exactly, you need assistance moving. Will it require a large vehicle or van? Refrigerated or ambient temperatures? Will your DFW courier need special certification or training? Knowing what your product is, and relaying to your courier the specific needs for your product will help get the conversation rolling in the right direction. Here at Dallas Courier, we view every client as a unique case. While we have experience across the board, the exact T&L plan for your business won’t look like everyone else’s. Knowing your specific needs helps us to work together to meet those needs successfully.


Set Your Schedule

Now that we know what you’re moving, you’ll need to consider how often it needs to be moved. Is it a one-time, urgent tasking? Or are you going to need assistance on the regular, say, every week? Scheduling your deliveries in advance not only saves you money, it saves you stress, as well.


Let’s say, though, that your set schedule changes suddenly. An added stop is required, or a change in delivery time is necessary. No problem! With a company like Dallas Courier, your changes are relayed quickly, even if our driver is already in route. Communication lines are always open to accommodate those last minute schedule changes.


Consider Multitasking

Sure, DFW couriers handle deliveries. But Dallas Courier is a full service logistics provider. Final mile services, storage and packaging options are also available. Like your cable service, couriers can bundle options to help you save. Only, we won’t be raising your rates every six months🙄. You’ll get a great deal, and you’ll also get assurance that our #1 delivery providers are handling all your T&L needs. This streamlines your processes and gives you an increased simplicity and peace of mind.


Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

Once you and your DFW courier come up with a great T&L plan, it’s not over! Keeping the communication lines open is the next step in assuring a smooth and successful delivery partnership. You’ll want to be included on tracking and delivery details. You might also want to make changes to your plans as your business grows.


Think of your courier like your family. (That’s how we think of you, our clients!)  Solid communication is the key to a successful relationship. Like your family, our couriers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls. You’re never treated to a subpar robotic phone tree or a “we’re closed” message. All day, every day, you can communicate with your DFW courier if your team is Dallas Courier.


Do you have a great T&L plan in place? If not, or even if you think you already do, it’s time to call Dallas Courier. Let our experts, with over 37 years in the business assist you with a great T&L plan. It all starts with one phone call to 972.680.8000.