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Dallas Courier Aims for Accuracy in These Four Areas

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Sep 10, 2019 @ 12:09 PM

Dallas Courier, Accurate Deliveries in DFW

A great courier service takes into consideration both speed and accuracy. The speed part is self-explanatory. You move goods quickly. End of story. Here at Dallas Courier, we offer super rush, 45 minute deliveries, 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, and 4 hour deliveries. We can accommodate with the right service, depending on how quickly you need your item moved. Your courier might have the “speed” part down, but how are they doing on accuracy?


Since this component can be relative, let’s consider the makeup of a truly accurate courier. A delivery team that provides accurate deliveries in DFW masters these four elements:


Providing Accurate Price Points

Before customers even select a courier, many times they’ll request a quote for the service. Taking into account speed, distance, and special handling, a transportation team should be able to give a fair and accurate estimate regarding the cost of the delivery. Clients depend on this, and when the quotes are inaccurate, it can cause a stir.


Experience, honesty, and a uniform process can help couriers provide accurate cost estimates every time. This gives customers confidence in their courier, and helps them to budget their T&L processes.


Delivering To A Precise Location

Moving quickly means nothing if your transportation team doesn’t arrive at the correct location. This can get tricky when your deliveries are to a residential area or a large office complex downtown. Not only does the courier have to arrive at the correct location, they have to be able to hand the items over to the correct person. Clients can provide for specific delivery details and signature capture to ensure the right individual receives the products in hand. Failure to hand over items to the right person in the right location is a failure to deliver.


Arriving With The Correct Products

Multiple deliveries and routes can result in errors if proper inventory management isn’t in place. If a driver has dozens of stops, but fails to properly read and execute their manifest, errors can be exponential, leaving many unhappy clients. A truly accurate courier arrives with the correct products, no matter how many items they’re carrying or how many stops they’re making.


Dallas Courier also ensures that your items are picked and packed properly from our centrally located warehouse. Inventory management software helps us to pick the rights products at the right time and move them as requested.


Delivering Within The Agreed Upon Timeframe

Before a customer agrees to a delivery, they work with our couriers to come up with a delivery window that meets the needs of our team and their team. Here at Dallas Courier, we stick to those delivery windows 98% of the time. Thanks to this commitment, customers are confident that Dallas Courier will deliver on time, every time, especially when it matters most.


Some couriers provide dishonest timeframes to entice customers, but all this does is create major issues in the long run. When super rush items are late, it can often mean major consequences, even severe ones as with healthcare deliveries. Dallas Courier keeps honesty at the forefront of all operations. Then we remain transparent throughout the delivery process. Thanks to state of the art technology and GPS tracking, you’ll know where your items are at every step in the delivery process.


It’s not all about speed, you know? Is your courier meeting these points for accuracy?


If not, it’s time to find a courier who can provide for your transportation and delivery needs with speed and  accuracy. For nearly four decades, Dallas Courier has been doing just that. Don’t take our word for it, though. See what our customers have to say here.


Then give us a try for yourself. Contact us here on our website to find out more.