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Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery: Fall Home Safety

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Sat, Oct 5, 2013 @ 08:10 AM

It’s finally happening. The leaves are changing colors. The sun is setting earlier and rising later. The air is cool and crisp (at least in the middle of the night). It just makes you want to throw those windows open and let in the fresh air. Which is a great idea... as long as you close them. While it is a wonderful time of the year, there are many aspects of fall that can threaten your home safety. Our Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery has a few ways you can keep your home safe this season. 

Lock Your Doors and Windows- Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery provides your medical necessities right to your front door, but we aren’t the only ones who might be knocking on it. Thieves target homes with easy access. If you leave your windows wide open to let in that fall breeze, make sure you shut and lock them. Have you ever locked yourself out of your house and gone in through an open window? Wasn’t it easy? Think about how easy it would be for someone who does it for a living. Don’t stop at the windows. Lock your front door, back door, and secure your doggy door. Sounds crazy, but the Bureau of Justice states that 40 percent of burglaries in the US are not forced entry. Thieves walk, crawl, and climb right in due to homeowner carelessness.

Take Care of Your Yard- As the leaves fall, make sure you are raking and disposing of them properly. Not only can do leaf piles make great homes for pests and little critters, they can also accumulate and get stuck in sewers and gutters. This causes you personal problems, and it causes the city even bigger problems. Also, make sure you are disposing of those flyers that get stuck to your door handles. Or, if you’re like me, they get taped to your garage door because my dogs scare the living daylights out of anyone who tries to come to our front door. Leaving these out gives the impression to thieves that you are not home, and your house is empty. This makes you a prime target. So make sure when you use our Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery services that you remember to pick them up from your front door step! (It doesn’t get much easier than that.)

Be Aware of Your Power Usage- We tend to plug in many more devices this time of year. Yeah- I’m talking to you, giant-inflatable-spider-and-“Halloween” light-homeowner. Here’s an obvious tip: if your circuit breaker trips and doesn’t want to be reset, it means there’s a problem. If you keep pressing the breaker, you are likely to start a fire. Those old extension cords with visible wires- throw them out! Also, don’t run cords under rugs, furniture, or any place where they will be pinched or damaged.

Check your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors- The cooler weather means it’s time to use those fireplaces and heaters. In fact, as soon as you can stand it, test out your heating elements out and make sure they’re working properly. You don’t want to go through fall and all of a sudden, on that first cold day, find out that your heater isn’t working. While you’re at it, test your detectors, and if you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery strongly encourages you to invest in a few. Don’t install these near your cooking appliances or near humid areas such as the bathroom. Check the instructions on your specific detector to find out whether you place it high or low. Carbon monoxide can be emitted from open flames, water heaters, blocked chimneys, or running cars. It is odorless, colorless, invisible, and, most of all, deadly. Without a detector, you would never know it was present.

Autumn is one of our Dallas Pharmacy Home Delivery team’s favorite seasons, and we want to make sure you and your family stay safe to enjoy it like we do. Use the tips above to make sure you have a happy and healthy fall.

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