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Food Logistics Dallas: What Does Your Flavor Say About You?

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Thu, Oct 10, 2013 @ 21:10 PM

There are many joys that come from going to college. Higher education. No curfew. Unlimited access to junk food. But living with random strangers is not one of them. My sophomore year of college, I found myself sharing an apartment with “friends of friends”. You see, I transferred schools mid year, and was desperate to find anyone to live with. So here I was in a rather intimate living arrangement with three random strangers who were recommended by my semi-close friends. For the most part, we got along swell. But we did have our unspoken battles about whose turn it was to wash the dishes. This was indicated by piles upon piles of dirty bowls, cups, and spoons strewn about the kitchen sink and surrounding area. Not necessarily something our Food Logistics Dallas division would be proud of. To circumvent this problem, I would individually wash the pieces of dinnerware that I used and stash them in my room. This would carry on until someone ran out of clean eating items and would break down and wash the whole pile. That person would then remind the other three that she did all of the dishes, and her good deed was done for the next three rounds.

On one particular weekend, in the middle of a silent, bitter, dishes battle, I took my clean, remaining spoon and put it in the freezer. I had been watching an episode on Food Network about the science behind enjoying your favorite ice cream. It is said that the spoon should be frozen in order for your taste buds to get the greatest flavor from the frozen treat. While most college kids were spending their Friday night enjoying a pint at the bar, after a long school and work week, I was seeking maximum fulfillment from my pint of chocolate in the freezer. (Spending my weekends with food… sounds like I was destined to be a Food Logistics Dallas driver, as they are on the go with your food logistics needs at all hours of the weekend. )

I got in my cozy pajamas, put on some slippers, and had my favorite show ready to go on the big screen. But when I went to the freezer to retrieve my ice cream and my spoon, I realized the spoon was gone. “This cannot be! I retrieved it from my desk drawer and put it in the freezer this morning“, I thought to myself. It was then that I noticed I freshly used bowl sitting on the counter, with a freshly used spoon sitting inside of it. Oh, the joys of living with roommates! My ice cream experience was spoiled, and instead of half-enjoying my treat, I put my pint away and saved it for another day when I could have it with my frozen spoon.

Our Food Logistics Dallas folks have a lot of experience handling this frozen treat, and we’ve seen personalities all over the board. But did you know your choice of flavor could give some insight into your personality. For example, chocolate lovers tend to be a bit more dramatic (frozen spoon drama, anyone?). Here are a few other flavor results that might surprise you:

  • Vanilla- you tend to be impulsive, easily swayed, and somewhat of an idealist
  • Strawberry- this one’s for introverts, and those a little more tolerant and devoted
  • Mint Chocolate Chip- you may be argumentative, frugal, and cautious
  • Coffee- this one’s for moral perfectionists, and the conscientious
  • Rainbow Sherbet- the decisive, pessimistic, and analytic enjoy this flavor
  • Rocky Road- aggressive and engaging ice cream fans enjoy this one

Don’t blame Food Logistics Dallas if your choice seems a little off; this is research straight from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. So take it with a grain of salt (or a sprinkle), and let us persuade you vanilla fans to eat a cone, or give you a half empty cup of rainbow sherbet, or arm wrestle you for that scoop of Rocky Road. The important part is that you enjoy it- even if you don’t have a frozen spoon.

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