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Dallas Christmas Delivery: Christmas Quarterbacks

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Thu, Dec 26, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

The Christmas season is crunch time for our Dallas Christmas Delivery team. You’re hustling and bustling about, buying gifts, sending a holiday ham, getting your prescriptions ordered before your vacation to Grandma’s; and you’re asking the Dallas Christmas Delivery team to get these things where they need to be on time and accurately. When I think about the job that our Dallas Christmas Delivery team has this holiday, I liken them to a quarterback. They have their plays, their manifest, written down and ready to go. They know their job is a precise and timely delivery. And they have to complete their task under a lot of pressure from some adoring, yet demanding, fans.

One of the greatest quarterbacks to every grace the turf was Brett Favre. If you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, this guy is truly the big cheese. He played twenty years in the NFL, with one Super Bowl ring, five NFC championships, and eight division championships (and a partridge in a pair tree).  Favre has worked hard for the game, though, since a young boy, and that’s what we’d like to highlight. So let’s take it far back to the Favre past.

Growing up in Mississippi as a small-town boy, Favre played sports throughout school. He wasn’t always the quarterback, but when it came time to head off to college, his heart was set on being QB. Southern Mississippi was the only school to offer Favre a scholarship, and it wasn’t in the position of quarterback.  But Favre knew that was what he wanted. He took a spot on the team as the seventh-string quarterback. What are the odds that he would see the field? Well, Dallas Christmas Delivery believes in miracles, and it certainly was one when Favre got his chance in just the third game of the season.

Favre had a successful, yet relatively uninspiring three years at Southern Mississippi. Then, before his senior year, his courage and will were truly tested. Less than a mile away from his family home, Favre was in an accident that caused his truck to roll several times and smack into a tree. Favre’s brother, hearing the crash, came to his brother’s rescue, smashing a car window and immediately taking him to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Doctors removed 30 inches of his small intestine, but Favre was back on the field six weeks later. Now that’s perseverance that our Dallas Christmas Delivery team can appreciate!

Everyone knows what happens next. Favre gets drafted and spends two decades in the NFL. He retires, comes back, retires, and eventually decides that his career as a professional player is over. What’s an ex-NFL-er to do? Commentate? Sure, he does a little of that. Charity appearances? Of course! But Favre did something that not many retired NFL players have done. He went back to high school. Not as a student, but as the offensive coordinator for Oak Grove High School in Mississippi. This school meant something to him, as throughout his career, Favre worked out at their athletic center during the professional off-season. It looks like the expertise of the future hall of famer has paid off, as Oak Grove just won their first ever Mississippi state championship under the direction of Favre.

Favre had a great beginning to a story with a happy ending. Oh yeah, and there are a few highlights in-between; NFL records in most career passes, completions, consecutive starts, career victories, touchdown passes, to name a few. This year, our Dallas Christmas Delivery quarterbacks know we will have Favre-like success at persevering, completing the job, and getting the happy ending. All without the worry of a blitz. Maybe a Blitzen, though. It is Christmas, after all!

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