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Dallas Out of State Courier: Deep Freeze Hercules

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Sun, Jan 12, 2014 @ 20:01 PM

In North Texas, the temperature outside this morning was 12. Twelve. That’s not a typo. The actual temperature was a whole 20 degrees below freezing. For us in Texas, that is pretty darn cold! Our Dallas Out of State Courier drivers took a trip to visit our friends to the north to ask what they think about 12 degrees. They said to break out your bikinis and slather on the suntan lotion. In Minnesota this week, their temperature got down to negative 60 with the wind chill. Negative sixty!

What is causing all of this chilly air to come our way? A winter storm appropriately named Hercules. Hercules, like the god from Greek mythology, is strong and showing its power throughout the United States. According to the National Weather Service, this weather was caused by a collection of relatively infrequent air masses, allowing an Arctic polar vertex
to be pushed much farther south than usual. The result: Hercules has pummeled the US this week with the coldest temperatures in the last two decades.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton called off school for the entire state on Monday. You’d think the kiddos would be excited for a snow day, but with actual temperatures expected to be fifteen below zero, there won’t be any snowball fights or snow angels. The National Weather Service has warned that when temperatures rach that cold, frostbite can occur within a matter of minutes. This polar vortex is so icy because it’s sending air that is normally reserved for the North Pole down as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. While all of us in the Northeast, Midwest, and South are used to cold temps in the winter, we aren’t quite used to these subfreezing temperatures. Americans are being urged to stay indoors. Or at least have a Dallas Out of State Courier drive you to the West coast if you want to go outside. Hercules is already responsible for 16 deaths. It’s easy to see why when 23 inches of snow fell in Massachusetts, 18 in western New York and 9 in New York City.

Over 2,300 flights were cancelled in the US and hundreds of roadways closed. Thankfully, here in North Texas, we faced the bitter cold without any precipitation, so our Dallas Out of State
team was able to get out on the roads ok this week. Unfortunately, even though the weather mass is set to move on in the next few days, the effects will be lasting. The cold air will likely freeze over the Great Lakes and other large bodies of water. This means the chance for future cold weather is increased.

Of course, the question most of the folks at Dallas Out of State Courier are asking is what
does this mean for football fans? Well, they made it through one of the coldest games in history on Sunday when the Green Bay Packers beat the San Francisco 49ers in negative 14-degree weather. (Of course Green Bay won. I’m not sure San Francisco has ever even heard of a temperature that low!) Additionally, the Super Bowl is just weeks away, set to take place in New York. Met Life stadium, as you know, is an outdoor stadium. Once can only hope a Hercules-like storm doesn’t rear its ugly head!

North Texans, grab your parkas, scarves, and boots. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle with a warm comforter. Hercules is only here for a few more days, but if you just can’t handle the cold, maybe you can hitch a ride with our Dallas Out of State Courier drivers somewhere warm.

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