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Hot Shot Courier Dallas: Technology Rules

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Mon, Aug 18, 2014 @ 07:08 AM
Go ahead. Read the title of this Hot Shot Courier Dallas blog.

Most of you will now think I’m some nerdy computer geek with a vocabulary circa 1992. I assure you, I’m not. Ok, now read it again, but this time, put the emphasis on the first word. Ya catch my drift?

Technology is an awesome tool that all of us put to use in our lives every day, but this blog isn’t going to sing the praises of our tech-based society. Instead, the Dallas Hot Shot Deliveries team is going to lay some ground rules for how technology should be used and controlled in your home.

Why the rules? Let’s start with the fact that my two year old has a name-brand tablet from a certain consumer electronics company that seemingly wants to take over the world, one small child at a time. It didn’t start out as his, but it is clear at this point who is the boss of the tablet. Just a few weeks ago, I took it on a business trip, a trip sans children, which never happens. As I settled into my coach class seat, in awe at how spacious it was when only one human was crammed into it instead of three, and enjoyed my adult beverage from a plastic cup and straw without worrying if it would be chucked at the poor unfortunate soul sitting next to me, I opened the “videos” section of my tablet. I was looking forward to finishing the movie 42, which I had started, oh, six months ago. I was not surprised to find that 42 had been replaced with Springtime with Pooh and Roo. The fact that the two rhymed only added to the irony. It was at this moment that I realized there needed to be some rules for technology. So, as I do with most quandaries, I enlisted the help of the Same Day Deliveries Dallas squad. They’ve put together some basic limits for technology in the home.

Texting: R U serious? U R going 2 stop my txting? For serious. Text messaging should be allowed at specific hours of the day, and there should be set “quiet” times. For example, no texting between 8PM and 8AM. No texting at the dinner table. And, for those old enough, the number one Hot Shot Courier Dallas rule for texting: absolutely no texting while driving.

Content: If you don’t have something nice to say…type…don’t say…err, type…anything at all. Kids’ messages should be screened for appropriate content to include language, meanness, and, Lord help us all, photography. Even as adults, we forget that the words put in writing never go away. Courage comes easy from behind a keyboard or computer screen.

Private Information: Remind kids that not everyone is who they say they are. Never give private information such as phone number, address, or school to a stranger on the internet. Remind kids not to give e-mail addresses or passwords when browsing the web. Let them know this information could be used to cause them harm.

Responsibility: Let your child know what their limits are, to include actual limits (number of text messages/data usage) and family-set limits (technology rules). If these are ignored or disobeyed, there have to be consequences. For example, if they can’t obey the rules, the technology can’t be used. 

It’s hard to convince some parents that technology needs rules. Back in my day, when you wanted to call someone, you picked up a phone (you know, the kind attached to the wall, and not just because it’s running low on juice), waited for a dial tone, and then punched in a set of numbers. We’ve come a long way since this “archaic” way of communicating. For the most part, it’s great! Technology rules! But my Dallas Hot Shot Couriers friends know that it’s important to keep technology rules, as well, to ensure your family safely enjoys the pleasures of our e-based society.

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