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Dallas Bobtail Deliveries: Cyber Safety and Your Kids

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Thu, Oct 23, 2014 @ 06:10 AM

If your kids are like mine, they know their way around a tablet. My two year old can easily navigate from app to app. He knows how to get on the Internet, and he even knows how to turn off the sound so I can’t hear that he’s sneaking time on the tablet when he’s not supposed to be. 

Today’s generation of young people is incredibly gifted when it comes to understanding and using technology. This is great! It means we have future scientists, explorers, and doctors soaking up all this wonderful information right at their fingertips. Unfortunately, as most of our Dallas Bobtail Deliveries team knows first hand, while our children’s technological capacity might be beyond their years, their maturity level is not, and it’s easy for kids to head down the wrong path when it comes to the Internet.

You want to encourage your kiddos to put in place a few basic rules when it comes to Internet browsing. The cyber world can be an informative, useful, and fun place, but it can also be a dangerous one. The Dallas Straight Truck Deliveries team says the best way to protect your kids is to start a dialogue. A few things you might want to bring up to your kids include the threat of overexposure, the dangers of online predators, and how to resist cyber bullying.

The threat of overexposure means your kids can lose their privacy quickly online. Oftentimes, even as adults, we feel anonymous and powerful when behind a computer screen. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Our online actions have lasting and serious consequences. There is no such thing as a “delete” button. New apps such as Snapchat and Instagram boast of privacy or a “ten-second” photo. Our Boxtruck Deliveries Dallas team experts say this just isn’t the case. Anything posted online is permanent and public.

Privacy also includes you and your kids’ personal information. Both naive kids and mature adults inadvertently leak usernames, passwords, addresses, and other traces. Remind your kids that this kind of information should never be released online, and how important it is to keep information private to ensure their safety. It can also help to make use of the privacy settings on social media that allow only those you hand select to see your kids’ posts and pictures.

Another real online threat to kids is the presence of adult predators on the Internet. Many times a predator poses as a young person looking for friendship or a romantic relationship. These predators attempt to meet their victims offline, which the Dallas Bobtail Delivery Service team doesn’t need to tell you can have dire consequences. Predators are very good at manipulating others into staying in contact with them. Encouraging your kids to never speak to someone they don’t know can mean the difference between life and death.

The last hot topic when it comes to cyber safety is the threat of cyber bullying. This is an issue that is reaching farther and starting younger. Cyber bullying can be anything from posting harassing photos, sending threatening text messages, or making inappropriate posts about others. Make sure your kids know that if they come into contact with any type of cyber bullying or harassment, whether personally or aimed at someone else, they should immediately seek help from an adult. Remind your kids never to retaliate or delete posts. It’s important to keep records of everything, and inform police or school officials immediately.

The Dallas Straight Truck Deliveries team knows the Internet is a great tool, but it has to be used wisely. Explore the Internet with your kids, and help foster an Internet environment of safety and security.

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