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Dallas Hot Shot Courier Service: For Those Who Blew it on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Tue, Feb 24, 2015 @ 16:02 PM

Save it. I've heard every excuse in the book. "I forgot it was Valentine's Day." "I thought Valentine's Day was next week!" "I thought you didn't like flowers." I realize not everyone is as reliable as our Dallas Hot Shot Courier Service, but don't be that guy who forgot Valentine's Day ever again. It is and will always be on February 14th! In an effort to help you not ever be in the Valentine's Day dog house again, here are some tips for next year from your Dallas On Demand Courier Service is here to help. Saving the day, once again.

Bouquet of Balloons: Ok, so if you’ve tried to go around to the various flower shops, you might find one of two things. Either all rose bouquets are already accounted for from preorders, or your last minute bouquet of roses is going to cost you a serious chunk of change. This year, get your sweetheart a bouquet of balloons. Have your local party store blow up a dozen red and pink balloons with notes inside about what you love most about your significant other. I know, the Dallas Same Day Delivery Service employees are good, right?

Recreate the Date: Remember your first date? Recreate it. Start where you ate dinner and then end with a movie rental of your first film together. Even if you don’t remember exactly, try your best and see if she says anything. If she does, score one for you for remembering and recreating the date. If she doesn’t, you might have your facts wrong, but at least she got a nice evening out.

Marker Mug: Ladies, this one’s for you. Find a plain colored coffee mug and use a permanent marker to write love notes right on the mug. Then pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Fill it with your guy’s favorite treats and you’ve got yourself a homemade valentine.

Romantic Weekend: Procrastinators, you just might get your payoff. Airfare, hotels, and travel can be dirt-cheap when you wait til the last minute. Book a long weekend for you and your loved one. Try a travel site that works for those with flexibility. Your sweetie doesn’t even need to know it was last minute!

Streaming Service Subscription: This one might seem thoughtless- a year’s worth of movies and television streamed right to your computer or TV. But tell your guy or gal that you got this for them so you could enjoy a few lazy Friday nights together on the sofa and your last-minute gift suddenly becomes a thoughtful treasure.

Make a Meal: Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner for two, treat your loved one to meal service. If you’re both adventurous, try out a recipe together and enjoy a glass of wine while you both do the cooking. If you are fearful you might poison your loved one with your cooking, have our Dallas Scheduled Delivery Service deliver something from a professional.

Homemade Decorations and Card: If you’re really stuck you can always get in touch with your creative side. Scout Pinterest for a few minutes and you’ll find some super easy crafty ways to make Valentine’s Day a little more festive. You can decorate your sweetheart’s office at work, or jazz up your house for a special “Welcome Home”. A homemade card with a nice note inside will top off your crafty (and last minute) V-Day.

Don’t fret procrastinators! These top-notch tips will save you next year from the wrath of a scorned lover on Valentine’s Day. Trust us, if anyone knows how to make a last minute idea a success, it’s our Dallas Hot Shot Courier Service.

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