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Courier Dallas: One Expensive Ride

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Tue, Mar 22, 2011 @ 11:03 AM

Today, our courier Dallas team is talking about one expensive ride, $845,000.00 to be exact. You’re probably wondering what makes this car so special; is it encased in diamonds or dipped in pure gold!?! Close, but no.

It’s the Porsche 918 Spyder, and for a small fee, the coveted car can be all yours. Honestly, if I paid $845,000 for anything, I would probably to too afraid to use it. But for those who can fork over the money and the guts, this powerful machine is sure to transform your driving experience.

The Porsche press release says the Spyder is the “super sports car,” and with a pricetag like that, our courier Dallas team is thinking is sure better be super! So, you’re probably wondering why this car deserves the pricetag it has and more importantly, why it deserves its own press release.

Well, that’s why we write this courier Dallas blog – to inform our customers and blog readers. The Spyder has plug-in technology, making a GREEN sports car. How cool is that?

Porsche is officially taking orders for the Spyder which takes environmentally friendly to a whole new level. Forgive me for saying this, but many hybrids on the road today are (dare I say) dorky. Dorky is  never a word I would use to describe the Spyder. It’s sleek, well-engineered, and totally awesome. Now, if I just had an extra $845.000 laying around my house. I better go check my couch cushions for loose change.

In true Porsche fashion, the Spyder boasts a 500 plus V8 engine with two electric motors to boot. Talk about some serious power under the hood. I am betting our courier Dallas team is getting green with envy (pun very much intended) over these sweet wheels. Wouldn't you love to receive your Dallas delivery from one of these beauties?

While you may order yours today, the Spyder isn’t actually in production yet. Production is slated for September of 213, and get this: they are only making 918 of them. This is one exclusive car. If is exclusive, that means it needs some extra bells and whistles like a removable roof. Lovely! Get a tan and get to my destination. At this point, I am actually feeling guilty for writing this blog. I fear I am making our courier Dallas team’s mouths water. My apologies!

My, my, my. Isn’t it incredible what technology can do? Props to you, Porsche. That’s a pretty cool ride with a not so cool price. Maybe one day all of our courier Dallas team members can own one of these. Until then, here’s to dreaming….

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