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DFW Couriers: Refrigerated (Deliveries) Nightmares

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Thu, Sep 1, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Did you read Monday’s blog? If you did, then you know we talked about the importance of choosing the right company for your Dallas refrigerated deliveries and DFW food deliveries. Well, I thought my rant about refrigerators was over.

Enter, this morning.

I am at all-time high anger factor with my refrigerator. I am mad. No, I am frustrated. No, I am hateful. Yes. I said it. I HATE MY REFRIGERATOR.

It’s hard to admit. I mean, who wants to hate the vessel that carries their favorite food items? Me. I want to hate it. And I want to show you why. Please view the picture below:

Refrigerated Deliveries Dallas











Yes, that is my fridge. Let me admit something – showing your fridge to a crowd of bloggers is downright scary. I feel naked, ashamed. Please don’t judge the food in my fridge (i.e. giant birthday cake, whipped cream, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, chocolate syrup, a variety of margarita mixers hidden in the back). I want to point out some important missteps in the manufacturing of this fridge. Granted, it is from the 80s, so I have to cut it some serious slack. But, when I took a good hard look at my fridge this morning, I realized that the things I despise so much are the things our clients don’t want with their refrigerated deliveries Dallas. So, if I didn’t pound it into your head enough on Monday, here goes again:

  • Lighting. What goes on in my head: “I CAN’T SEE A THING! WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?” What is my fridge hiding? Old moldy spaghetti? Likely. Rotten tomatoes? Unfortunately. What is your DFW food delivery company hiding? Are they up front on their website? Are they honest about on-time rates? Do they have integrity? Don’t choose a courier company in Dallas like my fridge. Choose one with lots of light – lots of honesty.
  • Space. Gah! What goes on in my head: “I HAVE NO ROOM! THIS FRIDGE CAN’T HANDLE BULKY ITEMS!” Never, ever, ever choose a courier company that can’t handle big loads. A bobtail is a must. Trust me.
  • Dirty. What goes on in my head: “THIS AIN’T THE FRIDGE’S FAULT. WHY DON’T I CLEAN IT!?!” Don’t choose a courier company that isn’t professional. Couriers are an extension of you and your business. So choose couriers that are professionally uniformed and happy to serve. It isn’t too much to ask, people!

For your own benefit, I showed my ugly fridge to you. My over-crowded, under-lighted, needing a new lease on life refrigerator. Take these life lessons with you when you choose between Dallas courier companies with refrigerated delivery capabilities. Be smart. They should be honest, have space and be clean! Onward, me friends!

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