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Couriers Dallas: Self-Driving Cars

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Mon, Jan 23, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

If you read this blog post title and thought that Dallas Courier is one of the few, the lucky courier services Dallas that has self-driven cars, you were mistaken. Sorry to burst your bubble. We don’t have self-driven cars. In fact, I don’t think anyone in Dallas has a self driven car. They are still in the testing stage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t swoon and fall in love before they are ever released to the public…

So, who is making this fantasy into a reality? None other than Google! It shouldn’t surprise you – after all, Google is always up on the latest and greatest. So why do our fast Dallas couriers care about self-driven cars? Because we spend all day in the car! We drive all across this Metroplex, so we like to stay up on the latest automobile trends. It’s our industry’s bff, so the better question is: why would we NOT care!? Let’s get to down to brass tacks on this machine:

  • Anthony Levandowski. This is the visionary behind the self-driven car. Talk about a cool cat! Everyone dreams of sitting back and letting the vehicle do the heavy lifting (especially our Dallas bobtail deliveries team!), but Anthony had the guts to try it out.
  • Public. The first self-driven cars snailed along closed roads. Guess they were afraid of something bad happening!? Today, the self-driven cars cruise around town with their inventors enjoying the ride. Oh – and yes, they can hit 70 mph – no problem.
  • Smart. This car is as sharp as a tack. It knows traffic lights (and I bet it doesn’t push the yellow/red envelope like so many humans do…). It detects pedestrians and cyclists. It can merge. It knows speed limits. Like I said, SMART.
  • Competitors. Google isn’t alone in this venture. Worldwide, automakers are hopping on the self-driven-cars-train. Apparently these cars are everyday sights in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Maybe they will migrate and become commonplace in DFW – wouldn’t that be fun!
  • 10 Years. A decade used to seem like a huge amount of time when I was young. But today, I know a decade will come and go before I can say ‘wrinkles.’ Alan Taub from GM says that self-driven cars will be commonplace within ten years. Talk about a serious change in the delivery industry. I can’t speak for all courier services Dallas, but I can speak for us: we are excited!
  • Accidents. From reading about this car in Wired (a magazine every person should subscribe to), I learned a staggering fact: over 350,000 people die each year in automobile related accidents. Want to know the cited cause? HUMAN ERROR. Could the self-driven car decrease these deaths? If made well, I bet they could.

After reading this post, I hope you are excited about what the future holds! We certainly are – thank you Wired. You are a wealth of information!

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