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How to Choose a Valentine's Courier

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Mon, Feb 6, 2012 @ 10:02 AM


This just in: ValValentine's Deliveries Dallasentine's Day is just around the corner! While I believe in celebrating the one you love every day of the year, it is fun to have a day set aside for all things chocolate, roses and kisses. And you know what, Valentine's isn't just about romance. Many fathers bring home flowers for their daughters and many moms bake special Valentine's day treats for the kids. And let's all take a moment to remember the days of sharing Valentines at school... and by sharing Valentines I mean seeing whose parent bought the best candy for the class. 

If you've ever missed a Valentine's Day for your sweetie, then you know that February 14th can be a down right terrifying day as well. Messing up on the day of love bodes poorly for you.

That's why you better make sure those roses arrive on time, the chocolates aren't melted and the gift is perfectly wrapped.

That peace of mind on Valentine's Day is what Dallas Courier is all about.  If you need something delivered on Valentine's Day, you better do your research. Your romantic future lays in the balance.

So, what should one look for when choosing between Dallas courier companies for a Valentine's delivery Dallas? Have no fear, I am here to take the guesswork out. If you're leaving such a special delivery in the hands of a courier company, you best check our the following:

  • Food Deliveries Dallas. If you're needing to send your sweetie chocolates, cake, chocolate covered strawberries, what would it say about you if if the above treats were melted by the time they got to him/her? It would say bad, very bad things about your decision making skills. Choose a courier company that specializes in Dallas food deliveries. That means they know how to keep items at the right temperatute (and in coolers if need be) so things don't arrive mushy and gross.

  • Refrigerated Deliveries Dallas. Imagine you're a florist who needs to deliver 40 dozen roses to customers throughout the Metroplex. Trouble is, you drive a compact car and your AC can't handle keeping 480 roses cool. Well, that's when you need a delivery company with refrigeration capabilities. Don't leave your roses to wilt before they arrive at their destination. Choose wisely!

  • Website. Question - does the courier company's website mention Valentine's Day? Frankly, if they are worth their salt, they will have something discussing their Valentine's delivery specialty. A company that updates their website is a company that values their cleints.

Don't settle for less than wonderful on Valentine's Day. No one wants to see you in the doghouse - especially Dallas Courier! So give us a call and schedule that special delivery - whether it's flowers, chocolates, cakes or a puppy - we've got you covered.

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