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Going Local for Dallas Deliveries

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Mon, Mar 19, 2012 @ 10:03 AM


It’s quite the buzz word as of late. In the past five years, local has become popular, causing people to return to mom and pop shops over large corporations. Instead of going to the grocery store chain, people are choosing farmer’s markets and specialty stores. Locally owned bakeries, restaurants, fruit stands, coffee shops, salons, boutiques and delivery companies in Dallas are becoming all the rage.

But you know what? Us local folks have been here all along, just waiting for people to notice our awesomeness (hate to brag, but it’s true!). At Dallas Courier, not only are we a local company, but many of our clients are local. It makes business fun when you both have a local flavor. You can readily appreciate the other’s added specialty to the Dallas/Fort Worth market. And we find that local companies often use local companies. It’s almost like our own little tribe of best friends – local companies. We are one of a kind.

So why go local? Is it better or simply a buzz word? While I can’t speak for all local companies, I can speak for local Dallas delivery companiesspecifically, Dallas Courier. When it comes to us, I can promise we are the best option in town. We are better than the big corporations – and no, I am not knocking them as a whole. The nationwide delivery companies certainly have their place – and so do we. Our place is to meet Dallas’ delivery needs both large and small. When you want something delivered right the first time, it’s best to go local. And I’m here to tell you why. Local truly is best:

  • Local means we know the area. Local companies don’t just come in and pretend to know it all. They are born and raised in a place and then know it like the back of their hand. The know the highways, the hotspots, the must-visit and must-avoid locations. They know the time of day to go to the store and the time of day to avoid driving. They know the city and that can make all the difference.
  • Local means being invested. Local companies are invested in their communities. Their owner’s children go to school in town. They shop where you shop. They care about what you care about. They watch the big white bridge be built from start to finish. They watch Uptown become popular. They watch the DART expand north through Carrollton. They watch the Mavs win the 2011 Championship. They cheer for the Rangers even after losing that World Series game. They are invested in the community. And yes, our couriers Dallas were invested in all of the above. We work here, and more importantly, we live here.
  • Local means we care. We aren’t here to just make money. We are here to serve you – to make life easier. So whether it is one small delivery of a cake for your sweetie to her office or a giant delivery for your company that can’t be late, call us. WE ARE LOCAL.


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