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Q&A: When to Use Scheduled Deliveries Dallas

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Mon, Sep 10, 2012 @ 13:09 PM

In working for courier services Dallas, I literally see it all. I see clients who use us once a month to clients who use our delivery services DFW 15 times per day. I also hear a lot of questions circulate around our home office from customers - when should I set up an account, how many times can I call per day for deliveries, should I set up a route delivery?

The one I plan on focusing on today is the last question - should I set up a route delivery.

It is a fabulous question! When should you stop doing on demand deliveries Dallas and shift to route delivery services Dallas? Have no fear, I am going to walk you through the signs that you need to set up a route with us. Many people mistakenly think they are saving money by not setting up a route, but let me tell you - that is far from the truth. Having scheduled route deliveries Dallas in place can mean money saving and time saving - now, that sounds pretty good, eh?

Before I tell you when to use a route delivery, I want to dispell some unfortunate myths floating around in the courier industry. Now, these myths might be reality for other providers, but at Dallas Courier services, you can trust that the myths don't apply to us. We believe in service above and beyond, and that is why we don't subscribe to these myths:

  • Delivery routes are only for large companies. Slow your roll! That could not be farther from the truth. Sure, large companies need route deliveries, often daily, but the service is intended for the little guys and the big guys alike. Consider a photographer who has a client that needs weekly prints. He runs a small business, but a route is a definite necessity for his success. Size does not equal necessity.
  • Delivery routes have to be daily. Allow me to bust this myth wide open - your route does not have to be daily. Maybe you need something delivered every Monday - no problem. What if you need something delivered every other Monday? No problem. Every 4th of the month? No problem. Daily is not the only reason to get a route set up.
  • Delivery routes can't be seasonal. Oh yes they can! We have clients that have a busy season from October to February. During that time they need daily deliveries, but the rest of the year they only need weekly deliveries. Again, no problem. We handle seasonal changes like it's our job (because it is!).

So, now that I've busted some myths, let's talk about when you should use our scheduled delivery services TX:

  • If you notice you're calling us a lot. Of course, we love hearing from our clients. But if you notice you're talking to use frequently and scheuduling on demand delivery services Dallas, you might want to take a moment to sit down and see if a route would be beneficial. That way, you know every Tuesday the pick-up happens and the drop-off happens within the hour.
  • You're forgetting to call deliveries in. You have so much on your plate that you start forgetting to call in deliveries. Things slip your mind and before you know it, you're having to use the super rush 45 minute delivery service Dallas because you didn't call it in when you had planned. That's a nice time to notice that things need to be streamlined.
  • You want to stop making a to do list of on demand deliveries. If every week you have an ongoing list of things to be delivered, you might want to give us a call. We can help you streamline things. You may even need to utilize our warehousing and redistribution services Dallas.
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