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Dallas Food Deliveries: Food Trends 2013

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 @ 16:04 PM

If you're one of our loyal Dallas Courier blog readers, then you know our team boasts a wide variety of interests. That's precisely what makes our blog a fun read - we blog about everything from historical events like the Bush Center opening to crawfish boils to the Texas Rangers. Are our blogs random, you ask? Nope. Let me tell you why. Our blog post ideas come courtesy of our different delivery specialty teams. You see, when a courier delivers the same commodity over and over again, he or she naturally becomes passionate about the industry they serve.

For example, our legal deliveries Dallas team is pretty much obsessed with all things related to the law. That has bled over into being obsessed with our country's history as it has everything to do with the development of today's laws. Another example of a passion developed through deliveries comes from our Dallas out of town delivery services team. Those who make Dallas to Austin deliveries and Dallas to Houston deliveries (or even out of state deliveries!) are passionate about the cities they visit weekly.

So, it's not surprise that our Dallas food delivery services team is obsessed with FOOD. That shouldn't surprise you. If our team is making food deliveries Dallas and refrigerated deliveries Dallas, they know food. They deliver anything and everything food: fruit, sandwiches, gift baskets, wine (and lots of it!), meat - you name it, they deliver it. So our food deliveries Dallas figured they should sponsor a blog post about food. Specifically, they wanted to post about the food trends of 2013. It's almost May of 2013, so this is the time food trends are being easily noticed. Let's talk about some must-try food items this year:

  • Yogurt. Greek Yogurt. 2013 saw the solidifying of the greek yogurt trend. Greek yogurt has taken over the yogurt section at the store. There used to be minimal greek options, but now, it's literally all over the shelves. Green yogurt is tangier, thicker and more protein packed than regular yogurt. It takes some getting used to, but once you jump on the wagon, there is not getting off.
  • Duck Eggs. No, I'm not kidding. Get ready for see duck eggs everywhere soon. Duck eggs are usually free range and they are larger than chicken eggs. Apparently, they have been a favorite of pastry chefs for a long time as they boast a thicker yolk than their cousin. Note that the duck egg shell is harder than chicken eggs. The cracking takes a little elbow grease.
  • Horseradish. I love a good bold flavor. I think a flavor that says, "you know I'm here" is a fun addition to any meal. Horseradish does just that. But food trend analysts aren't just talking about your bottled horseradish. They are predicting an increase in people using fresh horseradish at home - it looks similar to ginger (another bold flavor I love). If you aren't a horseradish friend, maybe you just need to go hunting for a recipe that utilizes fresh, not mayo-like horseradish. Keep an open food mind!
  • Tea. For the coffee afficionados reading this post, brace yourself: tea is back - in a big way. You might just start exchanging a cup of Joe for a cup of green, black, or white tea. Tea is good for you and you can always select the caffeine free kind. Plus, there are a million fabulous flavors - one to wake you up, one to energize your day, one to put you to bed - you get the idea. This trend is one for the books.
  • Cauliflower. Just look on recipes on Pinterest, and this trend will become super obvious. Our food courier services Dallas are divided on this trend as some love the veggie and others are quite hateful toward it. We shall see how this one ends up.

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