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Out of Town Delivery Services Dallas: A Royal Baby

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

Oh me, oh my! Just pinch me! What in the world could I possibly be so excited about? A huge promotion, winning the lottery, getting a brand new car?! Nope. None of those things. It starts with an R and ends in a Baby... That's right... the ROYAL BABY!!!

Now, why in the world would Dallas Courier services write an entire blog on the royal baby? I have a better question: why not? This royal baby is world news and we specialize in blogging about up to date, relevant topics. One things I can always say about our blog: we aren't here to sell you our services. Sure, we provide courier news, but it isn't all we focus on. We believe a blog is meant to inform, not advertise. And whether you're into the royal baby or not, it's a big deal.

This very royal post is courtesy of our Dallas out of town deliveries team. No, we don't often (ever) make deliveries to London, but, hey, we could if you needed us to. I can't promise our 1 hour delivery time frame, but we could definitely make it happen. Dallas to London deliveries: check!

Okay - let's get back that royal baby. Never has much attention been paid to a little one, I tell you. Now, I understand that some people just don't give a darn about the royal baby - you might want to stop reading now. Courtesy of our out of town delivery services Dallas team, here are the must-know royal baby facts:

  • No name. That's right. The royal baby is currently nameless. Must be hard to come up with a name for the future king of Great Britain. You don't want to choose something too off the wall but you may want to steer clear of far too traditional and predictable. William and Kate have been coloring outside the lines a bit since they wed - and I personally think it's fabulous. Adding a little color and flair never hurt anybody!
  • Three's Company. This little nugget is third in line to the throne. Can you even imagine being born into such a role? He is only a few days old, but his life mission has already been selected for him. Talk about pressure! Our Dallas Courier services President has three daughters and he knows all about wanting to pass the torch to the next in line - not sure it's on the same level, but hey, it relates somehow - right? Who gets the crown before the little one? Charles and then William.
  • Lots of Power. The royal baby can expect to be King of Great Britain as well as 15 other Commonwealth states including Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, St. Lucia, Belize and the Solomon Islands.
  • First Grandchild. This is Prince Charles first grandchild, would have also been Diana's first grandchild. I'm sure Charles is over the moon with a grandson. How exciting! In addition to being Charles' first grandchild, this is also Kate's parents' first grandchild. Big time stuff for both families. The royal baby is the Queen's third great grandchild.
  • Rumor has it. Rumor has it that potential boy names include Charles, George, Philip, and James. But again, these are only rumors.
  • Big announcement. As is tradition, the baby's birth was announced with a note that was pinned to the gates of Buckingham Palace.
  • Officially official. Once the baby is officially named, he will officially be called His Royal Highness Prince [name] of Cambridge. A moutful for a name, if you ask me. Maybe they should stick to a short name like "Ed" or "Joe" to keep things more manageable.

Maybe you weren't obsessed with the royal little one, but I hope this blog at least informed you. Our out of town courier services Dallas team is excited about the new addition to the crown. I can't imagine any of our team members will be afforded the honor of meeting someone in the royal family, but our fingers are crossed. Here's to a new royal, a good name and a healthy childhood - our Dallas out of town courier services team is cheering you on!

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