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Dallas Healthcare Couriers: A Healthy Start to the School Year

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Mon, Aug 5, 2013 @ 08:08 AM

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s already August. That means we are just weeks away from going back to school.  Some of us are probably secretly, or not so secretly, happy that the kids are going back to the structure of the school year. For others, (like all of you teachers out there) back to school means back to work, and they are dreading it just as much as the students are.

As you prepared to enter your kids back into their respective institutions of learning, make sure you are preparing their immune systems as well as their backpacks and school supplies. Reentry into the classroom means exposure to all types of germs and a lot of them. Dallas Healthcare Couriers is here to transport prescriptions and medical supplies if you or your kids need them, but we’d prefer you and your kids stay healthy in the first place. 

Children, especially young children, have immature immune systems, and they are also a breeding ground for germs.  Most illnesses are caused by viruses, which are highly contagious. All it takes is one kiddo with a cough to infect an entire school! So in order to keep your kids, and let's face it, probably yourself, ill-free this school year, educate your family using Dallas Healthcare Couriers’ suggestions for ways to stay healthy:

First, and most importantly, teach your children to wash their hands. All the time. After using the restroom, before eating, after eating, after playing outside. You get the picture? Proper hand washing consists of a 20 second wash with warm water and soap. Tell the kids to sing “Happy Birthday” in their head while they scrub. This is about a 20 second song.

Dallas Healthcare Couriers are trained in OSHA, HIPAA, and other medical regulations, so we know how to safely transport sensitive items, and we’ll be the first to tell you that a close second to hand washing is keeping your germs to yourself. That means teach your kids to cough and sneeze in a tissue if at all possible. If not, tell them to use the crook of their arm, not their hands. Also, make sure kids know not to share water bottles, utensils, or other germy personal items. Lastly, encourage kids to keep their hands out of their mouth and eyes. It’s inevitable that they will have some sort of bacteria on their hands, and if they can keep those germs there until they have time to wash, they have a fighting chance at staying well.

Proper sleep and nutrition are also essential to staying healthy throughout the school year. Most kids need 9-10 hours of sleep at night. Try to stick to a bedtime routine, even on the weekends. Research shows that going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is essential to the restorative powers of sleep. Once they wake up, start your kids out with a healthy breakfast with complex carbohydrates and protein to keep them full and alert in class. Pack a lunch with a variety of colors. I don’t mean fruit snacks! I mean fruits, veggies, and whole grain bread. Leave the sugary stuff out of there.

Here at Dallas courier service, our Dallas Healthcare Couriers handle the demands of those in need of medical care, but we like to see our kids happy and healthy without medical care. Take the proper preventative measures to make sure your kids stay well this school year so they can make the most of their education.

Before the school year starts up again be sure to get out there and live up these last few weeks!

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