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Courier Shopping? Here’s What to Consider in Your Delivery Team

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, Oct 4, 2019 @ 22:10 PM

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There are many reasons why you might be in the market for transportation providers in DFW. Maybe your current T&L operations just aren’t cutting it. Perhaps you have your employees leaving the office day after day to transport your deliveries, losing precious manpower and focus. It could be that you’re already partnering with a transportation team, but they’re frequently late and unprofessional. Maybe you’re new to the Metroplex, and you just need some advice on where to turn for expert warehousing and shipping services to meet the needs of your new customers.


Whatever your reason, you’re here now. You’ve moseyed on over to Dallas Courier’s blogs and settled in for some (mildly entertaining) words of wisdom regarding your choice of delivery providers in DFW.




But instead of throwing a few sentences together about how Dallas Courier is your only true choice for transportation providers in DFW, or how you won’t find another courier with the experience and professionalism of our Dallas Courier team (both statements are true), we’re going to give you some unbiased points to consider as you weigh the options for transportation providers in DFW.


Stay informed, do your research, and know your options. But take care to consider these four points, specifically:



  1. Reputation- Despite what Joan Jett says, reputation should mean something. When you have thousands of options cruising around DFW, you want to know that your pick as your business’s transportation provider has an outstanding reputation with current and past customers. Check their testimonials, read their reviews, and consider word-of-mouth opinions from others in the industry.
  2. Experience- It’s true that sometimes “new” is better, but what really works is an old school attitude that incorporates best practices. Find a delivery team that focuses on service above all else. But that doesn’t mean your courier has to live in the past. Successful transportation providers in DFW incorporate state of the art technology, meet the changing needs of their customers, and still hold fast to values like honesty, integrity, and respect.
  3. Availability- Sure, scheduling your deliveries in advance saves money, reduces stress, and ensures enough time to move your items. Your courier should be available to handle those routine deliveries. But what about the last minute ones? What about those holiday weekend, after hours, 2 AM kind of deliveries? As you dwindle down the transportation providers in DFW, consider a courier that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your transportation need should be available when you need them. A real live person should be answering the phone. And if you have a last minute, in route delivery change, your transportation provider’s dispatch team should be in communication to relay those changes. Anything less than 100% availability is failure to meet your needs.
  4. Service Capabilities- Of course, one of the most important considerations should be whether your transportation provider offers services that are conducive to your organization. Consider the following capabilities of your courier:

A full service logistics provider can handle any delivery, including those that require special certifications or large vehicles. As you weigh your options for transportation providers in DFW, find out what they’re capable of, and if they offer the services that meet the needs of your business.


Courier shopping doesn’t have to be difficult, but dealing with a sub-par courier service sure can make it difficult for your business. Do your research, ask questions, and consider these four points when deciding if a courier is right for you.


Of course, we can make easy for you. Just contact Dallas Courier. We cover all these points and more. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been meeting the diverse needs of DFW customers while keeping honesty and integrity at the forefront of our operations. Call today for a free quote or to schedule your next Metroplex delivery.