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Junk Food in Disguise

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Sep 23, 2019 @ 21:09 PM

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Imposters. That’s what many of these so-called couriers in DFW truly are.  They’re pretending to be high quality transportation professionals, but the reality is, they just can’t hack it. Just because your delivery team has a car doesn’t mean they’re qualified to move your time and temperature sensitive foods throughout DFW.


Doing that successfully comes with years of experience, a stringent hiring and training process, and state of the art technology that keeps temperatures stable, items tracked, and inventory stocked. A lot goes into being a real DFW courier, and you don’t have time for the imposters. Delivery teams who don’t carry proper insurance, don’t maintain their vehicles, and aren’t picky about who they hire aren’t true transportation professionals.


Couriers like this are wearing a disguise. Don’t be fooled. It always pays to go with the real thing.


Speaking of imposters in disguise, have you ever been tricked by so-called healthy foods? If you were, would you even know it? These 7 health food imposters are really junk food in disguise. Watch out!


  1. Smoothies- Store bought smoothies are generally huge, and packed with sugar and calories. If you’re looking to get the health benefits of a smoothie, make your own, and stick to frozen fruits and veggies.
  2. Lunch meat- Turkey is a lean source of protein, but when it’s sold as lunch meat, it’s generally laden with sodium and preservatives. Turkey fresh cut from the bird is best, followed by packaged turkey that’s low sodium and nitrate free.
  3. Flavored yogurt- Fruit-flavored yogurt is just code for “sugared” yogurt. Opt, instead, to sweeten plain yogurt with honey, fresh fruits, and nuts. It’s a more natural way to get a sweet kick.
  4. Energy bars- Read the back of your favorite bar. You probably can’t pronounce many of the ingredients. Often, they contain as many calories and sugar as a candy bar. Go with a DIY version or skip them altogether.
  5. “Low fat” versions- Foods that are low in fat are often higher in sugar and processed ingredients. They’re marketed as if they’re a better choice, but in almost every case, a little less of the “regular” is better than a lot of the “low fat”.
  6. Fruit juice- Most fruit juice you find on the shelves isn’t actually fruit juice. It has added sugar, water, and other things that make it high in calories and depleted of nutrients. Instead, go with a whole piece of fruit. It gives you the benefit of fruit juice, with an added kick of heart healthy fiber.
  7. Sports drinks- Unless you’re a top performance athlete, put down the sports drink and stick with water. Sports drinks are meant to replenish calories and nutrients lost during extreme physical activity. If you’re not running a marathon or playing in the NBA, you don’t need these.


Disguises can be tricky. Whether it’s seemingly healthy foods or couriers pretending to be something they aren’t, imposters are everywhere!


As you search for couriers in DFW capable of handling your time and temperature sensitive goods, don’t be fooled. Dallas Courier is tried and tested, with over 37 years of delivery experience in DFW. Our team is vetted and trained to provide stellar customer service with every single delivery. Contact us today to find out more.