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3 Lies Couriers Wish You’d Stop Believing About On Demand Deliveries

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Aug 21, 2019 @ 21:08 PM

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On demand delivery services in Dallas serve a number of clients. Examples include lawyers needing legal briefs transported to and from court, hospitals requiring lab results, and manufacturing firms needing urgent transportation for repairs on large machinery. Clients are varied and so are the items out for transport. Biohazard medical specimens, frozen food, and priceless artwork are among the many time and temperature sensitive items that couriers transport via Dallas on demand deliveries.


With such a wide range of services and options, it’s easy to see how misconceptions can arise about Dallas on demand deliveries. We’d love to clear a few of those up for you! Consider these three commonly misunderstood tidbits regarding hot shot deliveries, and the truth behind the lies:


Misconception #1: It’s better to have an employee make urgent deliveries.

There are very few instances where making the delivery in-house is the better option. In fact, it’s almost always more cost effective and timely to allow a third party to move your on demand deliveries. When you ask employees to deliver items on behalf of your organization, you’re guaranteeing a time loss. The delivery is a round trip, meaning your employee will be away from his or her core tasks for double the time it takes to make a delivery.


Your employees also incur risks, and so does your company. In the event of an accident where personal injury occurs or loss of your cargo results, you’re on the hook for all sorts of monetary reparations like worker’s comp, replacement fees for the items, and any losses incurred by your client who was expecting the delivery.


In short, it’s not worth it. Let your employees stick to their core tasks, and let a T&L organization move your urgent deliveries on your behalf.



Misconception #2: On demand services are incredibly expensive.

On demand deliveries are going to cost you more than scheduled services. That part is true. But the cost is dependent on the company making the delivery. Here at Dallas Courier, we have a pricing system in place to determine the cost. We evaluate distance and time (like your favorite physics equations!) to come up with a fair price for the job.


What is nonnegotiable, though, and comes free of charge, is the stellar customer service you’ll receive with each and every delivery. Our drivers are trained to offer the best service for every client.



Misconception #3: You can’t have special requests when you require urgent deliveries.

You’ve been told your whole life that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. We’re here to tell you that’s incorrect. Just because you find yourself in a delivery pickle doesn’t mean you’ve given up your right to special delivery requests. In fact, quite the opposite. When you have ultra-urgent deliveries, our couriers expect you’ll have specific delivery requirements.


Temperature control, photo proof of delivery, signature capture, and other specialized and white glove services are available with every delivery. Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean you can’t be picky! Communicate your special delivery requests to our couriers, and we’ll work with you to fulfill those needs.



When your list of services is long and your delivery area is wide, it’s easy for misconceptions to arise. Thankfully, you have an honest and dependable courier available at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and provide necessary truth to counteract the lies.


To get the most out of your on demand transportation needs, enlist a true professional like Dallas Courier. Contact us here on the web, or call us at 972.680.8000 to get started.